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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Summer Day 1: stifling hot and dry

As our computers are currently not operating, this post will be entirely devoted to things we believe to be awesome.
The looks we love at the moment are as follows:
- booties
these little booties can be worn with so many different outfits. They can be worn across many seasons and are just very lovely really.
- denim jackets with sundresses
We'd just like to add at this point that we are very disappointed in the following people: Demi Lovato, your outfit was what we wanted; but why oh why was it on you?! and Google images, for not coming up with this photo sooner. tut tut.
This outfit is classic and easy. The cotton-y fabric of nearly all sundresses and the denim of the jacket compliment each other perfectly. They're two staple items you just can't go wrong with quite frankly.
- stockings
Stockings are the slightly thinner cousin of tights. They are year round yet even more perfect for summer. More and more patterns and styles keep popping up and I'm not complaining. A great pair of stockings can set off any mediocre outfit.
- bangles
Bangles are a summer trend. We often find ourselves beginning the summer with two or three and ending up with thrice as many. Head to Diva to where we found all of these at wonderful prices.
- beach hair
A blessing in disguise. DO NOT CONDEM THE BEACH HAIR. Leave the grub-ness be. That is all.
Be awesome.
Love, us.

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