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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring Fashion Shoot! (Finally)

Welcome! Welcome!! Been waiting long? Well for all things spring-y you've come to the right place. Or at least we hope so; it's only taken all day to organise.

Who remembers our disappointment at the sun on the day of the Winter shoot? Well, today - couldn't. have. been. better.

This first photo was an accidental shot, originally it was intended as a test shot to see if the lighting was right for this lil' scene we created. In the end though it was a gooood outfit shot, note Bella's denim jacket - bought for $5 in Port Fairy, it is still very caaa-ute.

The photo above shows two important things;
a) How perfect a location Claudia's house is for a Spring photo shoot, I mean - look at the greenery in the background for Christ's sake!
and b) its a little sneak peak at all of the "behind the scenes of a spoonful of" stuff to come to come. And it will come, we promise. Ahem *winter awkwardness*.

Claudia wears : Country Road cardigan, Sportsgirl scarf, own singlet and another skirt Tish nabbed from Suzanne which she hand-made as a teen.

You should click and enlarge this photo, it will really show you just how small lovely Claudia's eyes are.

Making Claudia sit on these cushions in front of her window was one of the most painful thing we put her through; the entire day. It was all poor Claude could do not to fall forward.

Claudia wears : Savers head scarf, Forever New top and bustier (the pink under the top), Savers shorts (her own)

We all loooooooved this outfit, loved it! Of course, florals are in for Spring (I know, originally thinking). But really, we cannot get enough! The key for spring we think is simplicity, with a splash of amazingness thrown in for good measure.

Claudia wears : Friends of Couture dress, Sportsgirl shorts, belt and sunglasses, her own shoes.

This outfit of Tish's was an indie kid cross hippy, we'd say anyway.

Tish wears : Forever New jeans, Rubi shoes, Claudia's Zara tee, Miss Shop scarf, Bella's op-shop floral shirt and market headband.

Pretty sure that I (Tish) took about one million hours to take this photo, trying to position Bella perfectly between the two benches. Trying is the keyword in that sentence.

Bella wears : Mink Pink dress, Leona Edmiston tights, Rubi shoes, Sportsgirl sunnies and Diva clip.

Again, get ready for some more behind the scenes!

Spring - really is, a time for riding bikes, having picnics, reading books in the park, spending time with friiiiends! All of those things are illustrated in the next two photos.

Claudia wears : Vintage store cropped top, Sportsgirl Vintage boyfriend jeans, Vans, Diva clip and Sportsgirl sunnies. And the bike is from Melbourne Bicycle Centre bike, in case anybody was wondering.

And our Pieste de Resistance! Click to enlarge this photo, pllleeease! Like the three musketeers - in floral dresses that is.

Tish wears : Rubi Red Dress Vintage dress, Rubi shoes.
Claudia wears : General Pants dress, Vans.
Bella wears : Mink Pink dress, Leona Edmiston tights, Rubi shoes.
Camera : Vintage Olympus, bought on auction.

We had the most amazing amazing fun on the shoot today! We hope you enjoy the photo's as much as we enjoyed taking them. A big thanks goes out to Claudia, we used up her whole day, took over her house, but - got some brilliant shots so I think she can forgive us.

We took four hundred and fourteen photos today, and unfortunately we cannot show you all of them. But really - these were the best photos, to show what we here at a spoonful of believe captures our image for spring.

Behind the Scenes is on it's ways.

The biggest hugs and kisses, full of Spring love,

Tish and Bella xxxoxoxooxoxoooxo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spring - bringin' it baaaaack

Yesterday I wore sandals and today I wore a dress without stockings.

It's coming!!

Everyone excited for the shoot?
Love Bella

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring - Holidays are lovely for all sorts of reasons.

One of which being outfit stalking. And shopping - but penny less me prefers to focus on the former.

Which I got this from.

I had some other fashion wisdom-full thought but it has sadly abandoned me. This is why I keep notes in my phone.

Ah dear. I will say this. I just finished GG3, and Serena and Jenny never fail to disappointment. All who agree say aye.

Oh!! And I found this gorgeous back pack and a cardigan at an op-shop in Hughesdale. There was also a bag, but my having no money meant the well deserving Ruby got it first. Enjoy it my dear.

Lovey love love Bella xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spring - it's been so long.

Well hi. Welcome to day 20 of being in our newest temporary home. Incase you haven't heard, it's also day 1 of having internet in the past 19 days.

So, spring. Welcome. Lucky for us all, with the holidays has also come some more spring-y weather. I've been hot in my jeans. I mean, I always am - but oh dear god am I not going down that path. But - point being - girls! Break out the florals. If spring isn't your time to wear them, I don't know when is.
Yesterday, I was actually dressed incredibly mum-ish, but I forgave myself on account of it being Sunday, recently buying tea, and not really leaving the house save a trip to the park.
I was wearing my floral shirt! I realise I haven't spoken at all about this - but it was of course an op-shop buy, and in all honesty, I felt very Tish in buying it. I usually wear it only when I'm feeling bold. It is quite 'daggy'.
May I also announce that after I just used the word 'daggy' - the costume has taken over. Ah Grease. But lets not get into that.
I'm rambling today.
Now, because I know it has been plagueing your nights with worry, I have great pleasure in declaring that after 20 days of Spring - the date of the Spring Fashion Shoot has been announced for Sunday!!
Our model is none other but past fried-of-the-month; Claudia.

So be excited!
Considering I'm babysitting my dearest sister just about all holidays and now have internet, expect make up posts. And I now have a camera - and an awesome one at that.
Love love love Bella xx

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring - Blog Friday

Face Hunter
Our second favourite fashion blogger has been out and about at about a million (give or take) fashion weeks. And with a ridiculous number of fashion weeks comes a bajillion well dressedians - it's a word -

This reminds me of how much i wish i could wear hot pants. I just don't think I could deal with the uncomfortableness.
I love it how his photos may not be uber fashionable, but they all look gooood

I think The Sartorialist is going a little indie is his end-of-summer ways.

But those yellow socks! Ah! Looove. And please oh please note the girl in the playsuit behind her. Please do.

Garance Dore
is getting all summer-nostalgic as well.

Sea of Shoes
Is so so gorgeous.
Like most people she's feeling the season change inspiration hit. I wish her luck that she finds it to be more fulfilling then most of us. Here's some of her inspiration:

That is how you wear a long skirt. Ah!

And uh - hot trench.
She also includes a ridiculous amount of ninties pictures - check them ouuuut.
And of course, Jane included some of her quirky heels. These are her drogonfly shoes.

This is a 50's party dress. And soooooooo gorgeous. Although I feel a certain inclination towards ball dresses after going into Collette Dinnagan's on Chapel today. Oh dear Lord have I never lusted over glitter so much.

Style Rookie
My dear dear Tavi was in my dream last night. She was dieing. It was shattering. She had some uncurable disease and I'd been visiting her in hospital for the past millions of years, and then we caught the train with all these amazing people from Windsor station on her last day. It was quite tragic.
The best way to tell someone to stop bullying is to be really cool, like, "Hey bro, what's up with that?" Rapping helps to get in touch with the kidz.

Oh and I actually heard about her Kinderwhore Britney story in the mx yesterday. Fashion stalks us.
- god the Style Rookie is sooo time absorbing. I must read everything -

Liebemarlene Vintage
Is cute. But my concern spreads to her also, who is looking forward to winter. She interviewed founder Binbin McNiven of tba (which I've never heard of but which is adorable). She's also been to San Fransico

Oh and to those - and they know who they are - who feel intimidated by our love and admiration of fashion, I apologise for any discomfort you feel. Oh and don't you worry, I know Iwon't be posting any of your photos anytime soon.

This is now Leticia on Bella's behalf, she had been formulating this post for weeeeeks. But now - her internet/laptop and being annoying. So I will post this for her.
Please note, the content is around two weeks old, so go and check all of the blogs yourself!

Hope you enjoy it,
Leticia (whilst on the phone to Bella) xxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring - This is it

So this is my second day home sick from school, I was on the computer and almost having reached the end of the internet when I thought I would pay a visit to a site that I used to love love love, My Life Is Average. So anyway, as I was touch typing that address away - when I actually looked at what I was typing and realised that sub-consciously I had typed in this address, aspoonfulof.

So, alas - this is it. I'm posting.

On Friday night I went to a friend's - Arizona - 17th. It was cute, fun and casual - everyone of course had cute outfits.
It was refreshing to see girls wearing jeans or flats to a party, I really don't understand this need to always wear heels and a sparkly dress to every event. You can still look chic without trying soooooo hard!

That skirt I got earlier that day, but when I say got I don't mean bought, I do mean got. I had gone to Geelong to visit Suzanne's - my step mother - parents house. It got to like five minutes before we were ready to leave when I was like "Do you have any of your old clothes here?" and she said "Yes" we looked through wardrobes and chests of drawers, and boy. It was like we hit a gold mine. We found soooo much stuff, you will definitely be seeing pictures of more of the clothes - coming soon.

A snapshot of the party - everyone really did look so cute.

Here is another photo from blog Sea of Shoes, I actually fell in love with it.
Okay - so I was planning to just put one photo on here, but I really can't. I'll put both of them.

Yes that is indeed Jane from Sea of Shoes hanging out with Tavi from Style Rookie. Like, wow.

Love you guys. Write soon LL x

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring - Oh! Spring

Today was the first day I have really thought, 'gee, Spring is in the air' (ala, Love is the air). It might be the fact that the cherry blossoms are blooming, and there was actually a visible sun in the sky today, but it was a good day.

Around a week ago was Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I went to the show that was by the RMIT forth year fashion designs students. It was really interesting to see the fashion that the 'young people' of today are designing (it feels weird saying young people as they are probably ten years older than me). But thinking about it, those are going to be the big Melbourne designers by the time I'm working, earning squillions and buying clothes twenty-four seven.

Some photos; (sorry these aren't of the best quality, our seats were up quite high and the man sitting directly in front of me had very tall hair that I had to aim the camera over!)

In saying all of that though, there were lotsssss of the clothes that I wouldn't wear - and only a select few pieces that I would.
I think the fact is that most of the clothes were pieces of art, for example;
some of the clothes included masks that I'm pretty sure the models couldn't see out of (pretty impressive that they walked down a runway with them on) and some of the clothes had working lights in them. Amazing? Yes. Wearable? No.

Bella is at Ballroom tonight - expect photo's, soon !
xxxxxxxxx LL

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring - and stiiiill cold

Well well well friends, a new month - therefore, a new friend of the month.
Now, the search for the friend of the month usually begins with me stalking peoples profile pictures of Facebook.

So - I landed on Erica. Erica is beeaaautiful, and always impeccably dressed.
Now, Erica doesn't know about any of this, and I think right at this moment she is on a plane back home from Croatia.
Back to the point - while looking through all of her of her pictures, I decided "No", it was just too hard to find one good picture of this girl!

So alas, Erica's homecoming present from me will be a post dedicated to her amazingness!

Hope you like: love you Erica ♥

LL xxxxxxxx