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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stylish Kids, Autumn

Today Bella and I ventured out to a Primary School Fate, it was a fun day! We encountered kids wearing outfits we would have been proud to wear, incredible.

The first of which was shy, so with the permission of her mother we took some "stealthy shots" of her daughter.
We were informed that her daughter has dressed herself and, like us, was a fashion lover. As you can see, her outfit was so well put together! I would wear that, beautiful.

I loved that she dressed in greens and blues, colours that girls wouldn't normally wear. I remember calling those colours boy colours in Primary school but it seems like this little one was wise beyond her years!

The second girl was more than happy to have her photo taken, she had a precious smile and a rainbow hat!
Unfortunately we missed her little sisters adorable outfit until looking through the photos of the day. You can see her on the right hand side of the photo wearing another cute dress!

We do very extremely apologise for not having posted in a while *march12th*ahem** but we shall make it up to you. Already in our little fashion filled minds we have post plans.
Here's what you have to look forward to:
-The mums at the school fete
-Our favourite looks of the new doctor who companion
-Leticia's bible
-Bella's guide on how to look good when its cold
- And, an update on all of the new autumn trends we have been loving.

Finally, we post together!
Love always, Leticia and Bella

Friday, March 12, 2010

S and B. And Kiara's Birthday

Bella and I had a very odd moment of realisation the other night at dear Kiara's Birthday dinner. We accidentally, looked like our beloved S and B from Gossip Girl. I being B, she being S.

Bella wears:
A denim jacket, pink print maxi dress and flat sandals.
With some very cute earrings I might add.
Leticia wears: A headband (of course), a cream mini dress, brown striped tights, and fabulous heels (featured in our first ever blog post!). Later paired with a green velvet cropped jacket.

Other golden photos from the night:

Kiara looked like the gorgeous thing she is in the dress made by some of our friends that Bella has mentioned in previous posts! What talented young things.

Another cute outfit was Rubie, unfortunately I couldn't find a photo where she was "centre stage" as she was in charge of photo's that night! But adorable none the less.

Retro star sale tomorrow morning kids, hope to see you there. Everything under ten dollars, should be amazing!
Love, Littleleaf

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogs to have a looksee at

Sea Of Shoes
Very good, very good. Written by a girl Jane who just looooves her shoes, is very fortunate to have a mother in the fashion industry and to be asked by Chanel if they could dress her for her debutante ball. I'm a bit jealous. Well, a lot jealous.

And, I know we have mentioned this blog before. But lately I have found myself checking The Sartorialist multiple times a day. I go on the computer, its "oh I should check the Sartorialist. Mr. Cortina looks as fabulous as usual." Five minutes pass, I have done my usual Facebook check. "... Maybe there is something new on The Sartorialist."

And the sad thing is I'm not being remotely sarcastic when I say "five minutes pass". Wow, my life.

Except some pictures of Melbournes finest soon.


Autumn, chilly mornings, sunny afternoon. How original

Just wanted to alert you to Oh God. My Eyes.; which I found whilst facebook stalking, as you do.....
Anyway, she's harsh, and really only focuses on fashion fails she's witnessed during the week, but she is fun-ny. Really. In my house there was a bit of a MLIA-virgin-laugh-alone thing going on.
She talks about things that make her 'vomito' and ew, and usually use the last bit of her posts to look at her favourite designer trends that week.

Check it out
Bella xx
PS guess whose wearing a dress?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still rainy, Autumn

From left to right: Tesa*, Leticia, Britney*, Gretta*, Bella and Kiara*.

This is from my (Leticia) birthday dinner a few weeks back, when it was scorching hot. The Red Eye fixer on the Mac made our eyes go crazy, please forgive me. Looking at this photo made me realise how different we all dress, and I'm very proud of that fact!

Love again, Leticia x
*And yes, names have been changed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autumn #1

So here's my latest ditty.
It's autumn now (hence the new layout and must haves =>) but i don't quite feel it. In my mind, summer's gone, but I don't know how to let my wardrobe in on this new advance. I'm thinking I'll give it a months le-way, but it's going to get cold soon; and I promise you I speak in no way for Leticia, but summer held a great transition behind the doors of my fashion world. And winters never exactly been my best season. I get cold easily.
But I have seen Blair effortlessly go from season premier to finale in style,

I'm sure one of these days Leticia and I shall blog in unison, but for now, we work in separation.
(though this is hardly an achievement for her) and I pray to the Louis Vuittons, Mario Pradas and Guccio Guccis above that I shall be able to do the same. Pray.
Thus far I'm seeing more blazers, tights and skirts, which is promising in a big way.
Let me know what your position is on the 'transition season'.
And I promise I'll have photos of my fore mentioned dresses soon. My two very talented friends are swamped which, you know, learning and stuff at the moment, but I've asked for it by the 1st of May, though I highly doubt I'll be able to wait that long.
Love you long time, Bella Marigold xx

Autumn: Rainy rainy

Finally, miserable weather is here. Finally it is time for good clothes. Finally it's time to wear tights, scarves, berets and multiple cardigans. Finally. Yesterday in Melbourne it was one of the most stormy days in many years. As you can see in that picture I sourced from The Age, it has been bucketing down. The girls in the picture have managed to look glamorous despite being drenched!

It really does just go to show what Melbourne is like, yesterday morning I was hot in a T-shirt, Jeans and Docs and then, well, then it rained. And rained.
So my advice to you Melbournians, is identical to the advice given to Boy Scouts, "always be prepared". I was pretty proud of my outfit yesterday, and surprised. I "wore" three shades of pink. Pale/baby pink, dusty pink and dustiest pink. I say "wore" because one was my umbrella, my beautiful umbrella.

Fashion week was recentish. Here are my favourites from various collections:
Something about this model made me look twice. At first I thought it was that she looked quite like Dita Von Teese with her beauty spots. Or that it was her hair that was amazing. It was only when I read the caption of this photo that I realised what it was. "Elena Miro's Autumn/Winter 2010 plus size collection for Milan Fashion Week". Plus size? Really? I realised then that she looked fantastic. Very simply because she has a figure. In "real life" terms she is not even remotely plus sized, but this is model world. This model looks like she is wearing the clothes, not swimming in them. Brilliant.

Now, Chanel:

Chanel's spring 2010 collection is a combination of things I love. Cute, feminine outfits with bland average colours, paired with chunky shoes (preferably heels). I think High end fashion and clogs had a baby to make these shoes.

That is all for now, and I promise promise promise that soon there will be some photo's from the streets of lovely Melbourne.
Leticia Littleleaf x