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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was my birthday a few days ago!

Leticia here. Very, very, amazingly proud of Bella's post.

I just had to post about the cute cute ring that I got off my Mother dear (among other things).
Mum got it from a market stall, sadly the quality of the photo I just took isn't the best. It is very old fashioned, and is made out of a plasticy kind of thing. It doesn't really look like plastic, it's not at all shiny. The white on the front is like a bouquet of flowers. V. sweet.

Number One: New York, I love you
I got a book called New York Line By Line: From Broadway to Battery from Mum. It is so great and it just reinstates my love for all things New York.

Number Two: Red Tree Studios

This is a cute little Melbourne business with little earrings, hairclips and brooches. The site is:
Otherwise you can email !

Number Three: Band T-shirts?
I'm still undecided. I really don't know about the band t-shirt, I look at them and say "Oh thats awesomely awesome" but then you see so many "Indie Kids" who really love the fact that they are wearing a Cure T-shirt and it just makes me think, wowee do I not want to look like them. This debate in my mind started the other day when I saw a realllllly cute Smiths tee on Etsy!

Number Four: School
Today I received an email that was sent to all students at school. It was about a lecture/seminar thing that is on in a few weeks, and it is all about if you want to get into the Fashion Industry. And really, I could talk about clothes, magazines, colour schemes, and whether I think charcoal goes with floral all day long. I think the Fashion Industry is a go for me.

Speaking at the seminar will be the editor of Vogue among many others, the night goes for three hours and there will be a section in which you can sign up for work experience, part time jobs, full time jobs etc.
I know I am being pretty sketchy with the details at the moment but I will most definitely keep you posted!
Speaking of school, the other day Bella and I were having a chat about the need to "Gossip Girl up our school uniform" (yes, that is a direct quote). Really the look of the uniform is quite pathetic, add some thigh high socks, cute tights, little blazers, ties and cute flats and we are good.

Well, thats a lot to add actually. But still. I'm thinking about staging a rebellion.

Love love love, Leticia

Friday, February 19, 2010

Still bloody summer - sweat-worthy

Why hello there!
As Leticia has been busy sharing all her current loves in her fashion world; I thought I should take you on a tour of my own.

First: Dresses.

Anyone who knows me will know that this is nothing new, and why do I waste precious blog space. Because it's our god damn blog kapeech?
Ah the things dresses do to me. Today I bought yet another from the South Melbourne Market . It nearly clips my dear fathers age at 53 years old. A combination of bright and mustard-yellow flowers on a white buttons with white trimmings along the arms and neckline. I had to take it up of course, because although the shop keeper thought just above the knee (and I quote) 'was a perfect length for my size', she didn't know I was a dress slut. 'What is a dress slut?' I hear you mutter to yourself, why it is someone who, as Leticia would put it, only like dresses that just cover 'you'. If you catch my dress.
But it's not my only incoming dress (I mean really, we're talking about dresses here!) Yesterday my good friend Kiara* and I went to Spotlight to buy material for a couple of our extremely talented pals, to make us soon-to-be gorgeous frocks. I chose an almost navy dark blue with a small white pattern with brown buttons (and iron on daisies because I just couldn't resist) which will be based on the dress I am wearing in the photo a few blogs ago, but mine will have sleeves.
Oh I'm excited. And will keep you updated as it comes along.

So, I do believe that's enough proof as to my dress love. Next:

Two: Middle parts.
I was always cautious, with my full face and all, to venture into middle part territory, but this week, I plunged.
It's going pretty good. I haven't quite got the hang of it yet, and I've been reminded a couple of times that it ever-so-slightly veers to one side. But a good start, so I'd like to say 'you've heard it here first kids,' but i doubt you have. So, instead 'you've heard it hear for the -how-ever-many-ith time here kids'. Just do it.
Speaking of hair though, I am in the process of chopping mine. I say chop rather than cut, because I have just past the bust hair, and am thinking it'll soon become the just past the shoulders hair. Opinions, opinions?

But; Three: Tie-dye.
Recently Leticia and Kiara* came over to celebrate Australia Day, and the fact we weren't going to the Big Day Out (conveniently called Our Little Big Day Out). We then combined my next two summer loves after dresses and sunglasses. Tie-dye and mid riffs. Incase you haven't put awesome and awesome together, we tie-dyed a mid riff t-shirt.
After doing a bit of research on all sorts of blogs, which are gone from the face of the earth, I chose a style called 'band bunches' with blue dye. I'm very happy with it. But there are thousands more styles and colours, (I find Rit dyes best)

So, after a lot of rambling, and then editing the rambling, I hope I have quenched your undiscovered thirst about what I'm into.
Yours fashionably;
Bella xx