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Monday, May 31, 2010

Autumn - but not for loooong!

Tomorrow is June 1st
June 1st is the first day of winter. This is an exciting time for us at a spoonful of. Because we get to change our layout.
And, gasp, for the first time we're having a winter theme photo shoot!!
No biggie, but we're toootally excited. (Be excited like us)

Problem is, exams are a problem. They're next week, and they're taking over our lives!!So, yeah, the photo's won't be ready until... well, not June 1st.
But, soon, so again, be excited like us!!

That was fairly mediocre news but we like to keep you filled in because we looove you.

PS, if you see any well dresses people, please be bold, ask for a picture, and send it into us, or just send in your story about the well dressed person I just mentioned.
Really, just send anything in.

PPPPPPPPPS June 12th, Retro Star sales are on again. Be there or be square; yes I just said that.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Autumn - You don't have to tell me it's been ages.

I'm soooorrrry.
Times a million. Ah!
I had my laptop confiscated. And I missed Blog Friday! I. Am Shattered. With myself. I'm not going to pretend that even made sense in my head.
I don't have much to report, just that, continuing on from last week, I got another Melbourne Magazine. I was disappointed. Although I tore out an absurd number of pages... Anyway, as far as the fashion went, they were talking about wearing brighter colours and bolder prints in winter. Which made me worry for a seccy. (haha, 'seccy' reminds me of that MLIA from yonks ago. It was like, 'My boss asked me if I had a sec, I said I have heaps of secs.' Oh, funny.)

Not the point though. It made me worry because I realised I may have to offer a tad of 101 here.
Melbourne winter; what comes into mind? Rain. No! About the clothes silly! Greys, navys, blacks and other muted colours. *Honesty moment* I used to despise them.
But then I realise, we've got to embrace those damn bores.
But then, I'm torn, because in winter, you've just GOT to bring out the colours, just a little. Please. For my sake.

Oh dear, I'm confusing myself now. Ok,
So, everybody, well, most people get heavy on the dark, mute colours in winter. I don't know about you, but I see it is my personal duty to bring colour, prints and life into the city.
Then again, never under estimate the value and interestingness of plain fabrics and colours. And never go all summer with your colour, when I say bring colour, don't go crazy, you need to pick the colours that contrast with the dull.

Hopefully that was less confusing. I don't think it was though. So I offer you pictures.

This photo, this one right here, I'm in love with. It's a friend of ours, Audrey, and her 3 sisters in France when they were little. I mean, Sound of Music much?

Last night Mum sat me through The Painted Veil, it was more than i thought it would be. A story of a mismatched couple in China. What grabbed me most, of course, was the clothes.

These shoes. Oh my lord these shoes! They'll be mine, mark my words.

All her dresses, ad there are many, are drop-waist and have these gorgeous collars and prints.

Well this has been a very long interlude from studying, thank you.
Bella Merigold.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Autumn - Solitude will be bliss.

It's days like these I cannot wait to live alone.
After being woken up by my sister, claiming she didn't know I was asleep, I had a brash conversation with both my parents because my state of half awakeness doesn't satisfy them. I retreated to the shower, glad to find when I came out, they had all left, leaving me various notes about their various prior engagements.
They turned the heater off, so I piled on an assortment of my clothes, gloves and scraves. Dear me.

I also have some sad-ish news. I have been stocking up on various M and Life lift-outs, from the Sunday Age, because they always have something fashion related in them somewhere.
I must also admit, we will never be able to see any of these, because of my mothers obsession with THROWING THEM OUT! I'm sorry. In a few years, when I live out of this house, I will be able to post an abundance of articles and shoots about whats cool according to Thelma McQuillan and Carol Dyhouse.

I did manage to salvage these from some old ones earlier this month.

Some fairly expensive 'The Looks' on page 14.

Street Seen - my love on pg 13

My girl crush - Scarlett Johannsen featured in las t weeks Life. I'm not going to lie, I swooned, and squelled. Get Emma Watson and Miranda Kerr on there and my life will be complete.

The Melbourne Magazine. Love It. So much. These are on my wall, because if that $300 stripped cardigan isn't just THE cutest, well I don't know. Don't ask me such complecated things.

Well I love you, and will try harder to hold onto my beloved magazines from my mothers clutches next week.

Autumn - Stop! It's Blog Friday Time.

Welcome to another Blog Friday!
Featuring my mother. Check out her blog.

The Sartorialist

I want the girl on the lefts attitude.

At Grease, we have to wear clothes we can dance in. And, I don't know.... look good...
This guys, this is how you do it.
Scott also discussed about how he doesn't feel the need to post everyday.
"I tried to explain that the human element of the this blog, I'm not a big corporate magazine, is always the at the core of each post. If I have a lot of images to post I will, but if I don't have an image I won't post something just to keep an audience happy."

I'm going to feel a little pride in saying I totally get it. Yeah, Tish and I have something in common with the Sartorialist, what evs.

Style Rookie

"You see, these kinds of special books that I can't take to read in class call for Special Reading Time, which is, by definition, when hours are set aside to read special books that I can't take to read in class. So this summer I will take some time to, at the suggestion of Le Tigre, get off the Internet, and just read these giant books and put a "do not disturb" sign outside our treehouse. It'll be very J.D. Salinger, very secluded and mysterious. Then a few hours will pass, and I'll be like "IS #RTifYouraBelieber STILL TRENDING ON TWITTER OR HAS #UknowUrAddicted2JustinBieberWhen MADE IT TO THE TOP YET???/" and log on. Then I'll see that Bret Easton Ellis is still sexist, and more people are working to create a Stop Angelina From Dressing Shiloh Like A Boy Because Then She Will Literally Be A Murderer When She Grows Up foundation, and more triangles are on Tumblr, and I'll be like, "damn, Internet, you're boring, and you also depress me, and how can I be this grossed out at humans when school is not even in?" Then I'll watch Daria on Youtube because I won't have bought the box set yet because I procrastinate, and I'll be like, 'Well, at least you have Daria.'"

I mean do you love her? I love her.

Garance Dore

If Tish remembers correctly, I tried on a pair of similar ones in General Pants. Oh dear could I never be brave enough to wear mini-shorts. Oh boy do I wish I was.

Just letting you in on a little secret. I hate red. Like, with a passion. Mum tells me it's very in this season. I think it's in every season, that doesn't really change my mind. I think it's my dislike of how it looks on me. Red and black, you couldn't catch me dead in them. Never the less, I want to look good in it like this woman.

Face Hunter

I worry about her looking so good on those little legs.

Sea of Shoes

Her identity is revealed!
Is her hair gorgeous, I don't know..., maybe?
Yes it's effing gorgeous! It provokes my inner red-head.

Now, I do apologise for the shortness of this post, (again) My heart has not been in it and I am sorry. But the drama in the lead up to finally clicking 'Publish' has been unimaginable. Dear me. oh poor dear me.
That's right, look whose pulling out the pity card.
It's been a hard week.
But! This is utterly off topic.

Some of you avid followers may have noticed our recent struggle with the header. It's just NOT happening for us at the moment quite frankly. Quite frankly. But all shall be fine. Avid followers will also be aware that with winter approaching, our blog will be changing in layout soon. We're excited here at a spoonful of. Because although we all shine in summer, we all know winter is Melbourne's most dazzling time. Just, argh!

Also, I have the eensiest of exciting news. In October, yours truly shall be heading off to Rome. My purpose is to, as my principal told me; carry my school's spirit at the Canonisation of Australia's first saint, Mary McKillop.
I'm not going to lie though, it'll take a couple of posts to get through all the photos I'll be taking for you all.

That's how much I love you,
and yes, the exciting stuff I promised this week is still to come. You won't miss it when it gets here. Soon...
Loooove you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Autumn - Day a million


This, I've been meaning to put up for AGES, but I'm super disorganised, gosh! shoot me!!
This was sent in by a close friend of ours, Eudine. First may I just say, she is, well, she's the biggest cutie in the world. And she assures us she regularly checks our blog and loves it. Didn't I tell you she was cute?
Back to the point, she went on our schools Japan trip last year, and grabbed this happy snap of some proper Harijuku girls.
They are some brave, wild but very cute kids. Right there.

And may I use this brilliant oppurtunity to just back what Tish was talking about last week, pleeease email us, we greatly appreciate it.
Oh and if anyone knows what Ciara knows about what's going to happen to our email, but refuses to tell us, please also let us know. To those who have no idea, I apologise, that probably looked weird. Oh, no, it definatly looked weird.

Also, I realise I'll be again back pedalling in saying that no, i haven't yet broadened my retail resources, but was; again on the Sportsigrl website. I'm on their mailing list, it's just calling for me!!
Here's what I've found:
Sportsgirl loves to feature different upcoming designers. Arnsdorf I do believe is utter cuteness. They've got heaps of burgandy, textured materials and tailored pants. I must admit, it'll be one of those things I personally will be admiring only at a distance. *sigh*
They also, with the fast aproach of winter, (you know it's coming when you're shaking it your school shoes every morning) they're rolling out the jackets. Oh, and one of their faux furs is called the Narnia Fur, just putting it out there.

And of the 22 jackets on their website, I found one descent beloved photo shoot picture. They've let me down, not going to lie.

In other chain store addictions; I've been on the Dotti website. It's v. cute. I go past this billboard every day on my way home, and sigh at it cute-ness

Ok, so this isn't the ACTUAL advertisement, I had to print screen it from the website.

This though, this is the new Lancome perfume advertisement. Which, they kinda really don't want you to ever find on the internet.
This is the picture I risked my life taking a photo of that's blu-taced on my wall. Sorry it's on a funny angle. I really am.

But you can see my point yes? Yes?! It is the most glamourous, sassy and well, sexy ad I've ever seen. *lie*.
But I love. I truly really do.

Ok, well that's us up to date.
By the way, Leticia and I have been talking; stay tuned kidlings, there's much to look forward to. Nothing I can spoil, but if all goes to plan, you won't have to wait long.
Love, love love.
Bella Marigold.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Autumn - I'm supposed to be studying for exams...

But I'm cold, and every time I begin to study I get distracted by the computer and the thought of Nerd Chic.
And the fact that I can't find my favourite nerd frames, I'm actually crushed right now. I don't think I can study.

Anyhow, I think is one of the most beautiful pictures ever.
And it is absolutely Nerd Chic!

(click to enlarge image)

I'll leave you with that, a short post, but sweet.
I'm gonna go and calculate dimensions of a triangular prism now, LL x

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Autumn - the sweetest of sixteens

So, yesterday was lovely Ruby's Sweet Sixteen! It was an amazing day, we went out and had Italian for lunch which was so so yummy and filling. I share with you some cute cute photo's from the day.

Ally saved up and bought her self a Louis Vuitton bag, and boy is it beautiful. Like, really really beautiful.

I actually think this series of Ruby opening her pyjama's from Nicole is one of the cutest things evvvver! You can just tell how happy they are, and why wouldn't she be, those pants are adorable.

Ciara and I communicating in our true form.

Ciara looking stunning, as per usual.

Ruby's pretty necklace (I'm saying that because I was part of the group that bought it for her, but yeah, it really is cute)

As Bella said "a Kodak moment if I ever saw one".

Us with our cute outfits (if I do say so myself).

Aren't they cute with their little adorable half up half down ears!
I think this photo really says a lot about our friends...

Maddie's top was pure genius, I'm so sad I didn't get a picture, but she had this old purse of her Mums that was adorable! It was one of those little mini "box purses" and was black patent with a gold clasp and black handles. So cute.

Bella and Ciara looking stunning. Good photo I might add.

Cute Bella.

I hope you have all been happy with the frequency of the posts lately, we certainly have been.

Oh, I realised we have yet to mention that we have en email,
If you see something and think, "huh, thats cute, I think Bella would like it" or "oooh, that models is pretty, Leticia would like her style", drop us a line and send it in! Even if you have a really great photo of you and friends, we look forward to it!

Love love love always

Friday, May 14, 2010

Autumn: I forgot to tell you about my new obsession

Just wow, essentially you are making little collage things on the internet, about fashion. There are mountains of shoes, dresses, pants, jeans, heels, jackets, cardigans, overcoats, makeup, watches, earrings, just about everything really, to choose from.

I would strongly advise getting an account. Here are my creations so far:

I think I love it just because its so much creative fun, without dragging yourself away from the computer.
I'm pretty proud of my outfits, don't you just adore the Moose hat?

Again, I send you my love x
PS. Today is Ruby's Sweet Sweet Sixteen

Autumn: It's 5 past 8 in the morning and I haven't gone outside yet, I don't know what the weather is like

So for a while I thought, yeah, lets keep this photo on the down low. The reason being that I wanted to keep the dress I was wearing on the down low, because I thought, "oh yeah, that could be the dress I wear to ballroom this year."
Ballroom: Every year at school the year ten's get invited to do ballroom over at the boys school. Well, with the crazy Grease schedule I thought, "naaah it might be a little bit much." So, behold.

This is a Cue dress, that yes, I did spend some savings on. But its so preeettty! I wore it with Candy Pink Jonathan Aston sheer pantyhose and my babies, my Steve Madden Heels. The bag was 7 dollars from the Shepparton Hospice Op Shop!
Ah love, I'm not sure, but I think you can click on the picture to make it bigger.
Love L.

Autumn - but you could wear socks

Another Blog Friday! (and still without a better name)

The Sartorialist
Has been in Australia. The 'halfback' as he called it; not quite the outback, not the city.
But he's also been in his city, New York.

This is what he describes as the best dressed line ready to get food from Calexico.

Cute patterened dress much?

One day I will look as effortless as this.

Or this. And I will have a bike one day too.
Ah the life.

Garance Dore
This is my father. Andre Deramond.

And yes I realise he has a snake on his face.
Now, no, he has nothing to do with fashion. But he is French, and plays petanque. Like Garance has this week. At a Chanel resort show. What evs.

The best game ever? Yes.

These are Rondinis. They are found only in St. Tropez. Which looks amazing. By. The Way.

Face Hunter

I love this so much, it's my desktop.

Miss a la Playa

Those kids are cute. Miss Sienna, niiiiiice playsuit.

These are of model-to-watch, Bambi. She's a cutie for sure.

So yes, A brief one tonight.
May I suggest you go shopping. Proper shopping. Because I haven't in such a long time, that I've realised I have been missing out!
You may not know, but RetroStar's amazing.
This realisation has possibily occured because my trips to Retro Star have always been for someone else. Well, *tear* no more I say! No more!
It's brilliant. There is an abundance of dresses. And jumpers with that mysterious print! The one from the Sportsgirl post a last week. Thaaaaat print.

But also, I suggest, that like me, you begin to broaden your resources. I overheard a conversation between Our Leticia and Cristina, about where they'd bought various things. Bazaars, boutiques.
Gimme gimme.

On a more important note, we have something for you to look forward to. Tomorrow is Ruby's birthday party. She's turning 16, and a very decent lunch is layed out for us. It is a custom within our circle to look our best. Leticia's bringing her camera. You're not going to miss out.

Love ya'
Bella Marigold