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Friday, December 31, 2010

Summer - 2011

So. Summerrrr. It has begun, or did everyone but me miss the 40-f*#king-degree day?
For me, summer begins with my urge to middle part, just as winter does with my urge to fringe (fringe is totally a verb now...)

How was your New Years? The smell of chlorine still hanging around me reminds me of how much I want to get a floral bather top to go with my - wait for it - black bathers. I think I got them because I read that sophisticated, sexy people look good in black bathers. We all have dreams. But namely, this floral bather top:

There's another picture, of just the top, but apparently you're just not supposed to see it. Don't blame me, blame the Man.
Which sucks because I had this witty comment all lined up about how I felt awkward just cropping a picture of her boobs, so I had to put her face in. But hey, I got to include that in the end.

2011's great. Resolutions? Resolutions?
Something I know for certain is that I definitely need to expand my  retail... branches. The branches of my retail tree must be nurtured. Yeah.

Ah, 2011.
On that note, I will end this post.

Loooove Bella xx

PS I have been a good little girly and have been going on all my beloved but much neglected blogs and my old pal eBay, etsy and modcloth. I will part with you on the note instead; go to eBay, so many unwanted Christmas presents!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello, Summer

So, Bella posted yesterday - I'm going to post today, now that the Christmas period is coming to an end I feel like I have so much more time to do all of this stuff!
The only other thing that I haaaaaave to do now is my holiday homework.
And I really have to get started on that bad boy, I'm talking recurring nightmares about not having my Literature homework done.

Not the point.

Christmas and Christmas money has bought me many new clothes which I am verrrrrry excited about.
1. My first maxi dress
2. Cutest ever blue top/dress (yet to be decided if its to short to be a dress or to long to be a top)
3. Black jersey skirt
4. Khaki green most comfortable ever shorts
5. Sleeveless floral shirt that doubles as a cute vest

And on the drive back from my grandparents house, the house that I spend every Christmas at, Mum and I (naturally) had to drop into Savers Shepparton. There I got two jumpers, that are mega cute. And I got a dress, which rests below my knee's - I swear, I wore a maxi dress for the first time ever yesterday, and I have seen the light! I love long things!

And, now on the top of the shopping list for Tish is a maxi skirts, those things are Godly.

Here are some (very) late photo's from Ciara and Bella's annual Christmas party.

In the first picture is Mara and Romany, in the second is Shanea, Rachel, Mara, Maddie, Ruby B and yours truely, in the third, Bella and Ciara.

You'll be hearing from us very soon,
xxxxxxx LL

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Summer - blue nails

Ah, apologies etc.

So, today, I finished putting together my new wardrobe. It doesn't sound like much but a) never underestimate the amount of energy required to assemble IKEA furniture. and b) I now have room to hang my clothes!!!

So, yes, that's exciting. As far as fashion goes:
I'm wearing blue nail polish. Which is strange for me. It's kind of out of my pink shade spectrum, which is what I wanted, but it's still unsettling.

My Christmas was good. Unlike the forever lucky Tish, I didn't get clothes. My sister Adeline got a Sportsgirl voucher. As did Ruby Cox, but Ruby's was from us, not my parents *ahem* I mean Santa.

I blame the weather as the reason I haven't been able to act on my non-stop dress buying extravaganza. That and Christmas. Damn Christmas makes me broke.

Eventually Tish and I are going to get our arses into gear and get a fittingly cute Summer Shoot your way, but we may have to wait for the weather for that one as well.

Much love as always,
Bella xx

Friday, December 10, 2010


Welcome to the 100th post, bust more importantly; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

Today is the first birthday of a spoonful of - not the first birthday of when posted for the first time, but the birthday of when the blog was conceived.
Now when a woman is pregnant, she is pregnant for nine months - this blog was in the mind womb for 20 days. Then it came into this world, New Years Eve 2009 ready and rearing to go with tips for summer.

Today we went out for coffee and cake to celebrate, and then rode on our beautiful bikes and took chiller photos on the way home.

We loved the idea of having a blog, and we thought that it would be easy to update "like everyday", but really we weren't aware of the huuuuuuuge commitment we were making. But the commitment was all worth it because of you, our readers.
So here is our big birthday thankyou to all of you guys, you are honestly the greatest!

We have decided to make a writing montage (if you will), of all of our favourite trends for the past year.

Floral clothes - this is one of Bella's favourite staple items, and of course it is - floral is adaptable to even the most outrageous of styles, its crazy.

Clogs - Tish: I really really wanted clogs for sooooo long, I admired so many other peoples while being sad that I didn't have my own and then when I finally bought my clog boots it was the best day ever, they go with almost everything I have. Beauty.

Midriff tops - Bella: I'm praaaaaying that they come back in this summer. Pray pray pray!
And the trend that is; Emma Watson.
The amazing little thing, always looking so stunning and so normal.

So normal,
 so stunning,
 so stunning,
so normal.

The final 'fashion' trend of twenty-ten - the collar bone. Love!

Signing off - but we can assure you that there is sooooo much more coming next year.
Love from, Bella and Tish xxxxxxx

Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine...

Counting down.

Some that I love love love in the fashion world is when people who could afford just about everything have their 'old trusty' - a blazer that they are seen wearing numerous times over a few years, or a handbag that they just can't get enough of.

God its times like these when I realise how much I really love Rachel Bilson.

This year, my old trusty has been, this dress;

Go on - go out and buy something that is so ridiculously perfect and transformable that you will wear it for the rest of forever. I dare you.

Talk soon, LL

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Summer - Hello there.

Hi. I, am, sorry. I truly am.
BUT - it's the end of the school year, soooooooooooo that means blog time!

We have a few things planned for you crazy kids out there, which will be kickstarting next week :) I'm excited, I mean, lets not lie.

I'm having trouble typing today, how frustrating.

So not much has been going on in my fashion life at the moment, its quite sad to tell the truth.
I think that is why Bella has been holding down the fort of blog posts lately, (Bella by the way, is again lacking internet).
Life is hard, is it not?

Mmm k, keep on point LL.

So, what has been going on issssssss - I have been lusting over Zara.

* I just realised that all of the stuff that I had prepared for this post is on my computer not on the home computer, I'm officially annoyed right now. *

Okay, here I am again. Still thinking about Zara.
So, what I love most about all of the clothes is how simple and enchanting they are.
The only way I can think to describe them is that they (and you) do not have to work hard to look good.

So here are some of my favourites!


And these are the loooooove of my clothing life.
Zara may be a little more money than I would spend usually, but in saying that its not like a pair of socks costs you thirty dollars, or that a shirt like the one above would set you back a hundred or two. There were some expensive items.
But isn't that just like everywhere?

The long wool cardigan is 90-95, the blazer of a lifetime is 100-ish, the shirt is 65 and the over-all's are around 60 dollars.
Are these things expensive? Yes.
But its all relative, I personally would have no issue spending this much money (or even a little bit more) on clothes like these, because they are such classic styles. Utter brilliance.

Now, I have some sad news for you.
Zara neither has an Australian online store, nor a store in Melbourne.
You would have to go all the way to Sydney to get to any of these babies, and lets face it; that would raise the cost of the clothes just a little, you know, just a touch, a tad.

But a girl can dream, right?

AND, here is item number two on the blog agenda!
An apology, it has been too long since we have last posted. I, have been lacking internet also as I have moved into a new house with my mother dear.

So often over the past few days/weeks I have thought/said to myself "God I should post about that!" or "Wow! That would be great for the blog" and so on, and yes; I have forgotten about a fair few of them but it is all the thought that counts.

At the moment the main thought on my mind is, Christmas.
It is my favourite holiday ever, it is so great.
But let me tell you something, this year - its better.
I know what some of my fashiony Christmas presents are and I think I can safely say that January is going to be a very well dressed month for me.
And I am soooo looking forward to it.
As glad as I am that January is going to be very fashiony - I kind of want to wear the clothes now!
Who am I kidding... I reeeeeallllly want to wear them now. Really really really.

Numero Three for the post:
I believe this will be post number 98. That means next post will be 99.
And the post after that will be post 100.

(Mental note: say folks more often)

Thats its, for nowwwwwwwww.
(Dun dun dun)
That sounded pretty ominous, I really didn't mean it to.
(I kind of did)

Okay, bye kidlings xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S Zara is worn by the likes of Emma Watson.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Welcome welcome welcome my darlings!
The season of fun, late nights and care free days has arrived. Enjoy and appreciate it lovies, and get ready for even more floral, sandals, prints, colour, and not having to carry a jacket around with you.
Please also be aware of sweat marks and burning. What? Don't you ever say we don't look out for our girls.

Although it hasn't felt like summer for the past two days - terrential rain much? - today I can feel that spectacularly sticky air outside.
For the next two nights I have birthday parties to go to - I'll try my best to take photos for you dearies, but this blog will only be known at one of them... if that made any sense...
Anywho, I realised in true subconcious Summer style, I am wearing floral dresses to both.

Oh! Oh! Which reminds me! Tonight I am also wearing my two week old knee high socks!! It's so exciting.
But reaching this decision was not one accomplished easily. Oh no. I had to decide between those and my... also two week old, perfect of perfect, 15 dollar op shop bought brown leather mid-calf boots. Not only are they fantastic, and often worn in Nina Proudman fashion.

Aahhh, googling Offspring reminded me of how much I love it.
And how gorgeous Nina's hair was in the promo

And how Eddie Perfect is in it.

Looking less attractive in this photo than I would have liked.

Anywho, I love you oh so much, and go out and enjoy this Summer day before it starts bucketing again would you?
Bella xxxxxx