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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer - I'm going to repeat my Facebook status and say, "I bought pants today."

And they really are the most glorious things, American Apparel, they are the thinnest pants I have ever owned. And I consciously say pants because these are noooot jeans. 
I don't know if this is just me, (though I have the feeling that it isn't) but sometimes when I wear my skinniest of skinny leg jeans and I kneel on the floor, sit with my legs up to my chest, or sometimes even just cross my legs I feel as though my legs are actually going to fall off due to my circulation being cut off from my entire lower body. If you have no clue what I am talking about and just think that I am slightly insane, all I can tell you is that the feeling I am describing - isn't a happy one. 

But these pants, let me tell you. Boy oh boy. The most comfortable pants I have ever worn. When I said to my step-mum Suzanne this afternoon that "like, oh my god they are the most comfortable things in the existence of the human race" 
Her response was, "Yeah... You say that a lot." 
And it dawned on me just how very true that was, the only thing that I could think of to respond was "Well! It just keeps on being true."

Before these pants I had never really been a fan of spending all that much on pants and jeans, I had had too many experiences of buying pants that looked great on in the store, then trying them on again at home and realising that I really needed to take them up, or the zipper gaped, or that they were just a little too low cut and so and so on. 
After today I think that I will have no problem spending a little bit more money on a pair of pants that are gorrrrrgeous. Because, I now realise that it is totally worth it if you are buying something that you can wear to death. 

This was the first pair of skinny pants that I had bought that actually fit great everywhere. Every girl has a problem buying pants - mine personally is that they will fit great on my hips and thighs, be way to loose and way too long, because lets face it - I'm just not as tall as a model. But these, Lord above. The stretch fabric not only doesn't cut off my circulation, but it makes the pants extremely figure hugging (in a good way), they are THE EXACT RIGHT LENGTH annnnnnnnnnnnd they are equally tight on my calves as on my thighs! So exciting.

I'm in love. 
Truly in love.  
Ladies, the message I want to send out is - who needs a boy? No one. You just need good pants. 
The only thing that I was iffy about was the colour, greeeeeen. But let me tell you, that green is one of my favourite colours - party because its beautiful and partly because it looks really good with my hair. I worse them today with just a plain back T-shirt which looked fantastic although slightly Slytheriny, and I cannot wait to wear one of my sheer nude/beige silk tops tucked in to make the pants just a little more chic. So I think the colour dilemma might not be such a dilemma after all. I asked Dad when we were in the store today what he thought of the colour and he liked it/ thought it was cool.

Side bar: Today Dad and I had a long chat about fashion and some of his fashion choices when he was a youngin' in the 80's and 90's. Lets just say he had a mega quiff, wore colourful beaded necklaces and big sunglasses at night, along with sometimes puffy parka's, vegan Doc Martins and velvet smoking jackets. The stories made me laugh a lot while he was telling them, sure, but all I can think about is how great it sounds and how I think I was meant to live in the 80's and dress in all of the craaaaazy clothes! 
Dad, if you are reading this: you will see that I have given your fashion choices a glowing review, so now have I earned the right to see photo's of you in your fashion, um, 'hey day'? Please?

I took this picture, and I am in love with it. I'm not really one to take photo's and be like, "wow I did such a great job I'm so in love with my photography because I'm totally cool and indie and shit."
But this one I'm pretty proud of, it is a photo of my friend Britt's hands holding up a book that she got my friend Greta for Christmas, the book is called Shoes or something simple like that but I can't seem to recall it at the moment. As soon as Greta had opened the present Britt took it off her saying that there was something that she just had to show us - it was this picture. The most expansive, exponential, elegant 'shoe closet' I have ever seen. I'm so jealous of whoever this room belongs too.

It seems that I have written a lot on a whim tonight. (Damn I missed 11:11), so I hope y'all like reading.
Love Tishiffer/Tishany

P.S I can't decide what nickname I like better? Tishiffer, like Jennifer. Or Tishany like Brittany.
I think Tishiffer. Tishiffer and Bellaroonie has a better ring, don't cha think?

Summer - Fashion News

Hello Tish! Boy, I forgot how much I love your posts.

So. (is it just me, or doesn't every second paragraph begin with 'so.' with me?!?) In an effort to make regular posts easier for moi, I have decided to add Vogue and Hollywood Gossip's (among others) fashion news to my ever expanding range of home page tabs. Because unlike my much-missed Tishiffer, Bellaroonie does not often dabble in the world of fashion and celebrity news, unless I catch TMZ - which I love, everyone should watch TMZ.

But that relationship doesn't look like it'll be starting today.
Today I will be telling the tale of Rachel Hurd-Wood.
Those who will know me well, will know that I discovered her in - of course - her debut role as Wendy Darling in P.J. Hogan's 2003 family flick Peter Pan.

Any who at which point she looked like this:

Sadly her other timely (timely?) looks - which I of course still passionately hate due to the fact, let's not forget, that I never get Peter, no matter how many times I watch the movie. Never gets old, never. The point.... being that sadly these stunning looks did not relate over to her fashion sense,

though it was 2003, and she was 13. Yet for the sake of this post, lets keep focusing on her face. Wow, that's not a sentence I use everyday.
When Hurd-Wood was 16, she played Imogen Helhoughton in Perfume: The Story of a Murder, a film I have not seen, but kind of don't plan to because the sound of it is really quite disgusting.

And she's still stunning. Yet, still, a Plain Jane.

God, I hate Plain Janes. As of today I am starting a campaign to abolish Plain Janes. Come on people!
Surprisingly during my research I came across the fact that last year she stared in Tomorrow When the War Began. To those who have seen it; this is 20-year-old Rachel.

And to those (me) who haven't but owned a TV during it's release, she's this one.

You know, this is just proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of Plain Janed-ness. Rachel Hurd-Wood will from now on be the face on Say-No-To-Plain-Janed-ness, or something that has a better acronym...

And I do like her short hair better than Emma Watsons (oooo controversy). Oh, I refuse to look at my beloved until it has grown back.
Speaking of Hermoine, I'm on page 415 Tishy!

Love until Wednesday,
Bella xxxx

Friday, January 28, 2011


I just read the most gorgeous article on The Age, 'The art of French dressing'.
Here is is, definitely read it.
Tish x

Summer - Hello my dear blog

You might not remember me, my names Tish- just incase you have forgotten.
Its been a while! But alas, I will not let my dental pain stand in my way any longer!

I love the internet, its been my best friend lately. And on my daily internet sleuthing I have found many many pictures that I love, and I think you will too.
I'm still not decided if I want to go in order of the favourite photo to the least favourite, or save the best till last. So undecided.

The internet.
This is Hailee Steinfeld, she is fifteen. I would say something like, "I wish I'm as well dressed as her when I'm her age." Except I am her age, and I'm extremely jealous of her. I'm not going to lie, I love her and I haven't seen her in anything before, I'm turning into one of those sad girls who obsesses over something that she doesn't really know what is. Thats a sad realisation. 
I'm not that much of a K Stew fan, due to the whole Twilight thing, although I can say that I did like her in The Runaways, but dear God - I know this photo isn't her dressed as herself, in something she hasn't picked out herself. But my oh my, she looks so chic. Her makeup is perfection in my eyes, I will have to keep it in mind next time I have to where some sort of nice make up, dear lord I'm off on a tangent.
Also on another note, I love Vogue. 
 And here, I think that this is my favourite photo. I can only hope that one day I look as good as this. I hope that me and my bestie walk down the street all casual looking like we belong in a magazine.
This photo makes me excited for winter.

Here we go, Summer/Winter rant:

This year I was all excited for Summer, when I never really had been before _ I was all like "wew lets go swimming and get a tan and look all good and have beach hair and not have a car in the world, lets eat lots of salad, ice cream and fruit because its too hot for anything else, lets out rule pants because its too bloody hot for anything other than a dress." But noooooo Melbourne, NOOO, you can't let that happen for me, can you? You can't let me enjoy summer?  I wore a jumper to bed last night. What is this? So now I have given up on the notion of finding my perfect summer wardrobe and wearing it like there is no tomorrow and all I have been doing is internet sleuthing of celebrities and american clothing brands which are of course Northern Hemispherical therefore Winter. Its made me excited.

Rant over.

While Bella has had fabulous photos of her life this Summer, I don't. I'm totes jealous of her.
Here are some older photos still from the Summer that I have been meaning to post on here for years.
Months to be more exact.

We cute.

Actually, here is the most Summery thing I have done all Summer!
And it only happened yesterday, my dear friend Cara Takle returned from five and half months in America and she had made me this bracelet thing that was all woven and stuff, which I am now wearing as an anklet.

And isn't an anklet just the essence of Summer?
And excuse my bad photobooth picture.

I hope that this can excuse slightly my non-postitude.
 Mwahz girlies, mwahz
LL x

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summer - Aussie Aussie Aussie...

Yes, I know today is not Wednesday. But.

Yesterday's Hottest 100 Countdown actually went for, like, 10 hours. I must admit I wasn't expecting it -  if I'd know I would have multi tasked.

But, yesterdays annual celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the proclamation at that time of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of New Holland gives me something to post about.
Not many people know this, but I have never met someone as ... well, willing to wear the flag as the superbly dressed, but underlying bogan Ruby Cox. I can't say I've ever been a fan of the fashion, but on days like yesterday, I'm... er... willing to compromise.

The same day this was taken I also took a photo in this gorgeous shop, and learnt a valuable lesson, always ask the shop owner's permission. But it is nearly worth the fantasticness of it, right? This gem is situated on Flinders Ln, the last side street off Swanston before Flinders.

Finally congratulations Angus & Julia Stone, hearing Big Jet Plane at 9 o'clock, kind of made the 10 hours worth it.
See you on the weekend,
Love Bella xxxx

PS there is a chance we may be altering the schedule, but as it seems to be working, it's defiantly not disappearing! Oh! And the lovely Tish's absence has been due to the pre-braces process, but I spoke to her on Monday, and she assures me she's working on something.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer - Holiday aftermath

This afternoon, we arrived home. I would love to sit here and type away about how much the weather was the suckiest thing ever to come back to. But it'd be a lie. Stupid Melbourne. I love her. Melbourne's a girl right?

So. Onto more pressing things. My tan's progress. Yet I have to *people who aren't all up with photo editing lingo zone out here* supe up the colour temperature in all of my photos. Frustration!

But my heart has progressed. If you know where to look and concentrate really hard. To those who don't know about the summer-heart-saga, I have been trying to recreate a pale patch of love heart shaped skin a la 'Waves' (it's a book and it's nothing to write home about) all summer.

I picked berries - and ate most of them - in my Camberwell Markets dress.
 I marvelled at how Celeste never has to try before we went to the carnival. Sadly, this is really the only photo I have to show you of the beautiful girl.
 And blew bubbles in my mid riff. I've missed this baby, and that I have a tan, expect it out a lot more.

And bought some new blue floral Ray Bans because I lost mine. R.I.P. 4 euro glasses, that made everything look sepia, you will be dearly missed. But well replaced, no?

See you on Wednesday,
Love Bella xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Summer - Bright and it's brightness.

Welcome to our first scheduled post! Hurrah for organisation!! I've been aware of my need for internet by today since we arrived on Sunday. The schedule's working great for me so far anyway, because it let me know I should probably get a head start on my Wednesday post yesterday. But, alas, as this is the country, the wireless was disconnected by 10pm. I mean,who stays up later than that anyway? Not me...

So. Like I said, as of Sunday, I have been on holidays. We've been staying in the North-East Victorian town of Bright. And it's fantastic. I've always felt I would love to live in the country - despite their 10pm curfew. Although most of you will thoroughly disagree as I'm sure I've revealed my city-girl ways at least once to you, but I can assure you, in the country, I'm in my element.

As of today, I have swam in the river, hiked to lay by a waterfall and gone to the carnival. Of course, I have visited the op shop. Please note that the one fantastic thing about country op shops, is that unlike in the city, no one else is in there looking at them with a fresh point of view. I'm hoping this will last forever. I'm going back to nab my purchases today.

Also on my to do list, is visiting the local surf shop, because those beauties haven't let me down yet. And as my ambition to own these

was crushed by their $80 price tag as well as their extreme popularity (curse them all) I am hoping to find my new bather top at J.D.'s Ski Hire.

I also really must shout out to my absolutely delightful auntie and cousin, Louise and Celeste, for their daily stream of the most adorable, beautiful yet simple clothes.

Monday morning, when we were still without breakfast supplies, we went out. To this place. All mis-matched crockery, pastel colours and wallpaper. And they sold aprons. And milk in tiny bottles!!

Yeah and we did a lot of swimming.

See you on the weekend.
Love Bella xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer - New Years Resolutions


Its about time that 'a spoonful of' made our resolutions, we've thought of some and they are something to be proud of for us, which means that it is likely that you have a lot more to look forward to. 

As of Monday, we will be implement a schedule. Which consists of regular Bella posts on Wednesdays, Tish posts on Fridays and alternating posts between the two of us on weekends and Mondays. So this means no excuses for absence ever again.  

We are not only keeping around all of your favourite features of the blog, but adding new ones that we are very excited about. Friend of the Month will now also include a feature post, first one of us will post a picture of that months Friend of the Month, announcing who it is and why we chose them - this will be followed by a post by the Friend of the Month themselves sharing with you a story of an experience with fashion, a trend that they are loving or something that has inspired them! We are super excited for this new feature. 

And get ready for our last shoot together, as of this summer shoot we have decided that its time for us to 'step aside' so to speak, and to put more focus on the clothes rather than us. This means we will be sending better quality shoots your way.

Love from Tish and Bella xxxxxx

Monday, January 10, 2011

Slightly Summer

Summer. A time when you can lie on your bed, read, watch a DVD or complete other tasks that don't require much physical exertion - or moving at all. A time when you drink iced water, and maybe even iced milk. You may venture to the supermarket, but only to restock on Ice Cream, you might visit the beach, but will not go much further. On these expeditions you will find yourself wearing clothes that you could never get away with in any other seasons, midriffs, short dresses and even shorter shorts. Summer. The season for ugly hair. The season where you hair frizzes up so bad and is so Sea Salt incrusted that you end up looking like this guy;
We say all of this, and then we remember, "Oh, we live in Melbourne."
Thats all we can say in explanation of the, um, dreary circumstances, well thats what we've dubbed them anyway. 
And that we hate it too. Four seasons in one day.
If you carry out a conversation with either of us at the moment, its guaranteed that the topic will arise of how we "just aren't tanned yet, and its not good enough".

Bloody Melbourne.

Even though we do love the seasonal theme to this blog, we have to admit that after an extremely squinty Winter shoot and a ridiculously overcast Summer shoot, the theme isn't all that practical. The Spring shoot was a rather swelteringly sweaty day too. But, nevertheless we soldiered on through the rain and shine and we are quite happy with the end product that we have to present to you today.

 To channel the dreary weather we aimed this outfit to capture the stormy side of Summer - even though this is Summer and its supposed to be the season for wearing bright colours, we've also encouraged the wearing of bright colours in Winter also, so why not also encourage the opposite? Muted colours in Summer? Why not? In this photo Tish wears a sheer burgundy American Apparel shirt that was recently bought, simple black skirt from Supre (yes thats right) and Rubi boots. Bella wears a simple Just Jeans white T-shirt, with a Yarraville Market lace vest, Ebay shorts and Sporstgirl sandals. Pippa wears fur and a rather stylish collar.

Bella wears a South Melbourne Op Shop jacket, Tish's dress, and Rubi flats.
Tish wears a Cotton On black Maxi skirt, a White Shirt from Duchess Melbourne Central, Betts wedges and Bellas Mum's floral scarf.
We adoor the doors (we can make puns). We think that they had heaps of character, and they were the most gorgeous shade of light blue - which unfortunately didn't come out in the photos.

After we had lunch, the weather had improved so we started to bring out the brighter more typically Summery outfits. Which meant more florals, and usually a bright 'statement' piece. We think we were more excited to take these photos and wear these outfits because these clothes were what Summer is about for us, even if they weren't the best clothes for the day.

Finally, a photo of the playsuit. I have spoken about this playsuit many a'time on this blog, but finally, finnnnnnnaaaaaallly a picture. Its been long awaited I know.

Bella wearing a Savers dress, which you can't tell, buts long! Also take special note about the wonderfulness that is Bella's hair - plaited, braided, bunned. In typical a spoonful of fashion (haha, fashion) this photo was not planned, it was taken when we were standing around chatting.

In these two lovely photos Bella wears the cutest ever Valley Girl dress with her Sportsgirl hat and Tish wears  Bella's basic white Just Jeans T-Shirt and green Supre (thats right, again) shorts with a Sportsgirl bib necklace that is quite frankly, barely visible.

We love love loved these outfits. Tish wears a red Topshop singlet, with a floral shirt underneath, Revival denim shorts, and Rubi shoes, ooh and a Sportsgirl hat!

Bella wears a Just Jeans denim vest, Dotti white singlet, Op Shop Maxi skirt (originally from Jay Jays) and Rubi boots. These photos take the cake for Bella's Best Background Bestowal, although it was quite lethal and a little bit painful. Bruise.

Also taken today was our header, which we are extremely happy with. We think it captures our laid back, cute, old fashioned but still modern approach to clothes. It took quite a long time getting the right angle and waiting for the wind to calm down - but good things take time, no?

We hope you have enjoyed it,
Over and out,
Love Tishiffer and Bellaroonie xxx

P.S Hagrid; mwah ha ha! (We hit the wall a while back, its been a long day, sorry about our funniness)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer - and the heat has only just began

Sweltering [swel-ter-ing]
suffering oppressive heat
     - baking,
     - broiling,
     - burning
     - sizzling,
     - sultry,
     - roasting

Just to name a few.
I think sultry is my favourite. Don't know why.

Soo. How has week one of '11 treated you?
Mine went like this:
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - bought sandals and flats - my nightmare of being the only person not wearing them has ended! Hoorah! And my previously mentioned dream nail polish, which I will post photos of post-haste.... when I'm not writing this with bed hair and smudged make up, as if my always morning time apparel!
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - Went to see 'Tangled', bought a dress for $20 at Valleygirl (go fast, the may still have 30% off everything!!) found dark. green. gumboots. At Jay Jays. (?!?!) and realised that by the end of the holidays, I will own something khaki
and something in this red/burnt orange colour which I was wrongly called fushia for soo long, and pretty much sums up summer

Friday - Went op-shopping with none other than the fabulous Romany. It was 3,0003,003,00 degrees, but ah well, it didn't stop me from buying a jacket. And Romininski bought a... emerald green-ish dress, which is just the cutest.

I've decided I'm buying another maxi dress. This time I aim for this; well, first off I wanted one of those elasticised busts, but apparently they are forever hopeless at staying up where they belong, so I resort back to my love of the stretched t-shirt/(I hate slashes)singlet style. In either khaki or burnt orange/red (a prize goes to who ever finds it's name!!*) which preferably no patterns.

Also, satchels continue to stalk me, I'm thinking of taking a restraining order out. Well, at least to all those who won't offer information. And to my own. Do they tailor make restraining orders?

Yes. Well. That's sufficient rambling for one day. This post took forever. Must. Have. Coffee.

Enjoy your days and remember sunblock.

Love Bella xxx
PS I'm selling a whole heap of my clothes that I don't fit into or don't have room for, check them out and biidddd. More are coming.
And here's your picture:
Bet this wasn't taken in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

*prize includes one hug and love for forever. If a winner cannot accept a prize in its entirety, then the prize will be forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner. Any and all guarantees and warranties are subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions, and winners agree to look solely to such manufacturers for any such warranty or guarantee claim. Winners will be notified by e-mail within seven 7 days of the random draw. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. No substitution, transfer, or assignment of prizes permitted, except that Covenant reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if the prize is unavailable. Taxes on the prizes are solely the responsibility of the winners. Prizes awarded to non-US winners may be reduced by applicable US withholding taxes.