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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winter - Vlogs and the excitement of new discoveries

So, I think it is oh so very important to point something out to you - considering we've become the bestest of friends - am not only a blog-lover, but, well lets be honest, so much more, I am a vlog lover. They're my life. I kid you not.

One of my favourites is Tessa ... Something (last names don't matter) also known as Meekakitty. I am tell you this because a) she's aweeesomee and b) she's gorgeous. She's the next prettiest red head after Amy Pond (who we still haven't featured... hmm, getting around to that is something we'll get around to), and Tish, and Ciara and Ruby - gosh it's hard having red-head friends- Not the point, she's gorgeous. Like most other youtubians, she has a mass of cuute t-shirts. Follow her on Twitter and Youtube (of course...) I was going to take a whole heap of screenshots of her. But hey! Laziness becomes me. Besides, I'm supposed to be doing homework. And eating dinner. Feel special God dammit!

Ellie Cadler (or shouldveleftalready) is a cutie.
On her twitter she has been doing decade fashion booths.

This is the 80's one, and possibly one I love the most.... although I hate the eighties.... Hmm.
So she's British and quirky. Check out her videos.

Also I'd like to add Sienna Barton, because I know she likes this blog and has looked gorgeous in a number of the videos on her awesome channel .

Today I caught up with a bunch of friends, and spent last night pre-pondering (pre-pondering.... really?!) about what to wear, because these kids, are a bunch of well dressed girls.
So here I go and embarrass them. (well, two of them, I don't think the other two read this...) (but if they do: oh hi! That was embarrassing...)
Miss Plaxy wore just the cutest red coat (and yes, I still hate red)i have ever seen off Blair Waldorf. Chelsea was wearing a (very warm, she assured us) brown leather jacket. Mara a darling beret. Ruby wore a certain magnificent skirt (now who could have bought her that?) and Romany, who shares my obsession with op-shops wore this amazingly coloured cardigan.

To those girls, thank you for a great day out.

In other news, and in part in apology for missing blog Friday again, go to Garance Dore and the Sartorialist, and of course my beloved Style Rookie and Liebemarlene Vintage. But I would loove to congratulate our bud Bonnie on getting to her 100th post. It's been amazing kiddo, keep it up.

Also, and just quickly before I go, the other day whilst looking for my passport (long story) I came across these.

I cannot get enough of them. I can't text or work my ipod, but that is so unbelievably irrelevant. They're mine** and I'm not letting them out of my wonderful looking clutches.
Ah it feels amazing fulfilling this aspoonfulof journey with you all. It seems just yesterday I was complaining to the world of it's lack of Bella-worthy gloves. Don't you just feel nostalgic? Just me? *cough* Hehe...

So that is all.
Love you, Bella xx (no homo)

**Please note they are only mine according to me. Others, namely my mother seem to disagree. I can't imagine why my stealing of them would make her do so, but some things we're just never supposed to understand.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Friday

Sorry guys. I don't think one'll be coming this week.
I'll try and make it up to you?
Love Bella xxxxxxx

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, Bonds!

Now, I'm not the type of person to think and say "Oh yeah, its totally okay to where an item of tracksuit clothing in public when you are not exercising." In fact, its pretty much a sin in my book. (Most) of Bonds is an exception. On Monday night, I was fretting about the weather getting colder and having nothing to wear to Grease rehearsals. Alas, I got taken to Big W. Wooo!

There I bought two Bonds items. A Sloppy Joe faded grey/blue jumper dress extravaganza and Boyfit track suit pants.

Those are actually the exact colours I got both of those in, and the plus is they are two of the most comfortable warm pieces I have ever owned.
Laaaave you. L xxx
P.S It is school holidays now (not to sound overly adolescent) so we will have muuuch more time to post. Yaaay!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter - and in the funniest places

Timetravelers? On the tram? You should have seen these kids. If it was possible.. I would have asked them what kinds of machine they used. It's reasons like this that have made me feel the need to highjack my parents camera. I need it.

I was in this tiny little laneway shoe store today (it was amazing, I'll make sure to find out whre exactly it was soon) and here was my train of though:
"Oh, there nice, hmm, good price good pri.. oh *gag* hideousness!! Oh how lovely and diserted it is, pretty ordinary kids in here. Um. I'm sorry. Who is this? This amazing specimen? With her black hat, those red lips holey moley! But who am I kidding? Nobody can look past that grey fur coat. Oh Lord."
I smiled at her, a secret sign to show that I adored her and wanted her to be my friend. But she kind of just scowled back. Which made her look more fabulous, and me a lot more scared.

Also, I had an hour to kill in the city today. It was brilliant and I want to live there. I ventured down a couple of laneways and found a couple of the cutest boutiques. One was a Swish outlet. There I found my ballroom dress.
Which they have hideously photographed for the website. Luckily I snuck one in myself.
I'm trying to figure out how I'll tell Mum it's $300. *sigh* It is likely it will never be mine, but I'm glad I've started looking. All other ballroomers, get onto it. I went to a friends 50th last year and started looking the week before. I've burned all photos from that night.

The bad part of my time killing is that my list of wants.. I mean needs has grown to about 89,235,684,335.9874. Do you see my problem. And this is just from the city, not from the abundance of resources I'm planning on acquiring over time. By the way, if you have any special little locations you wouldn't mind sharing, let me in on your secret. Ok?

Looove you, Bella xx

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What to post about, what to post about

Well, I've found something to post about.
To me - my bedroom is everything. Or my bedrooms, living between Mums house and Dad's house has given me the amazing opportunity to have, well, two bedrooms.

When I say my bedroom is everything - I don't mean I keep it clean. In any sense, and Bella can vouch for that. I mean that at my age, I think peoples bedrooms should show character and personality. So here, is my favourite interior design blog, Desire to Inspire, and their pictures of some fab (fashiony) bedrooms:

These first two pictures, wow. The wall paper pretty much makes me drool. I love wallpaper - honestly its like giving your walls clothes.

Overflowing wardrobes/clothes racks are pretty much my forte - if only I could get mine to look as neat and nice as this.

One day, I hope to have a walk in wardrobe like this.

I love things being mismatched - half of my bedroom furniture is from Ikea, the other half from Op-Shops or eBay. I even have a bookcase made by my Dad. And I like to think that my bedrooms reflect how I dress.
So, alas, this is my room.

A mixture of new and old, thats how I dress myself. And my room.

Send us an email of your favourite magazine scan, photo, favourite shoes. Anything.
xxx L

Friday, June 18, 2010

Winter - Blog Fri... Saturday?

I'm sorry! This week has just been a daily struggle to stay awake so last was an early one, but I make no excuses.
Also I am sorry for disturbing our gorgeous shoot posts. Are you enjoying them? Oh and thankyou for the lovely feedback, it means the world to us, even if we don't know how to show it.

The Sartorialist
Is in Florence with Garance and according to their twitters, are having a marvelous time. What do you mean jealous? Me? Jealous? Never.

This reminds me of one of my beloved youtubers comments the other day. She said, when talking about fashion in this decade, that fashion rules are becoming looser. Men can dress femininely, and when done well - like above in Florence - girls are pulling off men's pants.

Garance Dore
First of all, click on that link. Like do it. Now! Just to watch the video Garance's posted of the Chanel show in Saint Tropez. Like, I want her life.

And those shorts. My holy lord. I won't ruin this outfit with anymore words.

Miss at la Playa
Some absolutely gorgeous jewelry followed by a few stunning shots and Mr. Ewan McGregor, Natalia Vodianova and their two scrumptious daughters being plain brilliant

Style Rookie
has spent the week talking about resort. And hasn't failed me as far her brilliant writing goes.

Face Hunter
I looove this look. Casual and colourful and just easy. I am on a constant hunt to finding my way of pulling this off, because of it's simplicity style. Haven't found it yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Um, gorgeous.

Liebemarlene Vintage
And my love grows.

I love her bag. I mean, besides the fact that her dress is gorgeous. Like I said, my love grows.

These are from the Chloe Sevigny opening show. They're cute, "borderline ugly" and polka dotted.
Turns out she shares our love for those many tiny dots. Just love.

Just that Undie Draw
There will always be something new here. Probably a whole new page worth of gorgeous rather than a couple of posts. Unlike another blog I know...

Love love love Bella xx

Monday, June 14, 2010

Winter - insert funny fun about the shoot

We are so tired! Does it show? Does it, does it?

Today was the big day of the Winter Shoot, so of course we had sun and blue skies. It has been a loo-ooo-ong day, but we were fruitful and have much to show for it. So enjoy.

The Waldorf
Not only were we excited about the name of this cafe (oh Blair, how we love you), we were excited about what it looked like on the inside. So much cute vintage furniture. Plus, after going in on Friday to inquire about their openness, the were all ready for us. And generally lovely. Waldorf kids, if you used that business card we gave you, first of all, go you. Second, we looove you.

This is what we would wear to a dinner in winter, a longish sleeved dress, a cardi, some tights or socks with heels or booties, and a shawl. Gosh we love shawls.
And a special mention to Tish's clog like heels. Bella's dress is an Op Shop dress, and her boots are her Mums. She wore these tights most of the day, its really handy having a light pair of tights - mixing it up a little.
We tried tried to channel the air of sophisticated-ness through our outfits to watch with the decor of the Waldorf - I thought we went rather well.

Our final destination, Soul Mama. We chose this restauraunt because it had a fire place, and fire places are great.
By the way - the desserts there were amazing, Bella had a Blueberry and Lime Tart, and Tish had a Rhubarb and Custrad Tart. Delish.

We think that these were our most co-ordinated together outfits, if that makes any sense. Thankyou to Ciara for letting Bella borrow her jacket and for finally returning her long lost Sportsgirl dress, another thankyou goes out to Tish's Mum for letting me borrow her precious red scarf (so cute) and finally, pictures of Tish's cape!!
Looking up at the big ball in Fed Square, of which there are no photo's of today - but never fear, there will be soon.
Tish is wearing her faux fur coat from the Lost and Found Vintage market (I loooove it!), Bella says "this is my long awaited bowler hat and purple spotty jumper - which is apparently navy.... yeah... sure it is... I got them both at the basement in Myer. The basement which I love."

And yes, we realise Bellas wearing red. But, you know. In the name of fashion.
The first and last shot with our second outfits on, were not planned - very good photography on Tish's Dad's part. A biiiiiig thanks to him, drove us everywhere for about 7 hours all for our benefit, thanks heaps buddy.
First stop was the beach- and it was like summer, but three months late. Not only did we have clear blue skies, and were constantly having to squint from the sun, but we were warm, from the sun.

Tish's coat is from Lee, Winter last year and Bella wears an 80's vintage blue dress. And yes, Bella is wearing gumboots - Tish's, not hers but it still counts.

Its fun to stay at the...

Bella was so jealous of the little helper penguins, that she borrowed one from a reluctant young boy.

These make us like like we were more confident/profesh than we actually were, like we'd arrived in a flurry of snowflakes.

For this location we decided to wear muted colours and avoid white so that we would make a niiice contrast with the ice. Bella would like to point out that even though you can't see it, her tights were furry and adorable.
Tish's dress is Sportsgirl and Bella's jumper is from the South Melbourne Market

The making of video and other things are forth coming, we have to get our heads on straight first - it will be awesome and less rushed than these posts!
Love, both of us, blogging together again - finally.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winter - Houston, we have business cards.

So it's 10:42 the night before our great shoot. And I'm making our brilliant business cards. And I got to make potato stamps. Like, they're brilliant, I can't talk about them enough. God.
Currently I'm waiting for the first layer of paint (and my nails) to dry. We've got lilac, pink and blue hearts and spoons. They were originally going to have little sillouttes of girls onto the hearts, and little curved outlines on the spoons but it looked proper rubbish.

Here are the 'making of' photos; featuring me in my hottt pyjamas. Oh yeah.

And here they are. All done and in a variety of colours. I know, I know.
They're all different size squares - dew to my inability to cut properly - and the potatos make this really cool patchy effect. And yeah, I know I'm hottt.

So goodnight, and
wish us luck for tomorrow,
Love you, Bella - no homo.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Winter - Blog Friday

Did you miss it?
You didn't did you? *sad face*
Oh well, suffer kidlings!

Um, so my computers being a bully. Like, I hate it? I'm opening and refreshing pages like a mad-woman trying to get them to woooork!! (and it's all for youu, feel grateful!)

The Sartorialist*confession* I realised the other week when I didn't have my trusty 'blogs' folder at the ready i my favourites, and i had to find Scotty all on my lonesome, I've been spelling The Sartorialist wrong!! I apologise, and feel ample embarrassment.
Today outside RetroStar, there was this girl (wearing double denim) who was talking about how "it's like stepping back in time............."*wind blowing*. I do not like double denim. It's a no. Reminds me of my year 8 days. Ew. Nether the less. Appaaaarently, it's fashionable. I cringe. But this kid, she pulls it off. Well. I like it. Hmm.

I want a top like this. They're kind of like those nurse shirts, like on TV? But nice. Not as gross as I explained.

Miss at la Playa
Talks about the new wave of extreemly fashionable people behind the scenes, namely journalists. It's getting hard for photographers, because they're getting more and more fashionable people passing over their radar.
Taylor Tomasi is Style and Accesories Director of Marie Clair US, and used to work at Teen Vogue.

Eva Fontanelli was photographed by Scotty in 2006, and is now editor of Italian Vogue.

Style Rookie
"Now, I'm not saying Madonna invented Christianity. Wow, let me rephrase that in a way that doesn't read as though she's literally Jesus"
- Did I mention she's a genious? And funny and I loove her. Except her silver hair. The onyl person to pull of this controversial is a shop assistant in a shop I'm not going to admit to going into. What are your thoughts on this Nanna-Do.
Oh and went into the city for a while today. I can't believe Sportsgirl (and the footpath out side it) wasn't on my list of places to find well dressed people. Ok, so it's not really a list yet. I've got that and the Astor. Suggestions?

And they're the only ones loading for me. Face Hunter looked interesting - for about a second, (because that's how long the interenet let me see it, not that it got boring - gosh my wit left long ago) Liebemarlene Vintage was good looking. And Garance Dore, all I saw was a blank page, I know you'll see something more.

Love you, Bella xx