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Friday, July 30, 2010

Winter - I can't believe it's been a week.

So. I'm sure Blog Friday will come some time this week, but I don't think it'll be on Friday anymore. I'm trying to decide what night to do it on, if I do it at all.
I'm thinking either Sunday (since Doctor Who isn't on anymore) or maybe... Well, think of it this way: what night suits you? Do you even like Blog Friday? Also, think about the name. Like Blog Wednesday doesn't sound so terrific.
Leave us a comment or an email - - and let us know.
We want to start some more of these sort of feature things, but we are still getting out of our massive grunge.

But, I do not come with nothing.

Today I went into the city to get Ally and Jessie's birthday presents (hi girls) from the magnificent LUSH and was asking this girl about all their Christmas in July stuff (I won a star... long story) and then she complemented me on my clothes! It was brilliant, espicially from one of the wonderful girls who work there who I am so jealous of.

So I was having a marvellous day already, when I saw this guy, practicly right off the page of The Sartorialist, complete with untucked double shirt - the top of which had pale pink and white vertical stripes - coat, patterned scarf, cuffed suit pants, quality brown leather boots and Italian accent.

Also. To all the beautiful Presentation girls out there. Guess who this bag belongs to.

If you guessed Mrs Dawes, you're right.

I'll let that sink in a little.
Thankyou to Romany for helping me take this stalker photo at Canberra Airport. It's where all the cool kids hang out guys. Really. In their tracksuits.

Ok, well get back to us on you Blog Friday juristiction and I promise to blog some time this week.
Love love love love love Bella xx

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winter - Oh Blog

Here is a time, for you to give back to us - or me, in particular. (LL)
Previously I posted about my new clog boots. Well they look great with my jeans cuffed showing just a little bit of skin around my ankles.
But (yes, there is a but) I don't know what dresses to wear with them. In exactly a weeks time I have a friends 16th Birthday dinner (Hi, Britt) and I want to wear them so I'm taller and because they are just great and they are warm, the perfect winter heel.
Go back over all of our posts, look at my dresses and think - what would look best? Even dresses I haven't worn on the blog, if its just a style you think would suit.

So tell me blog readers, in the comments section, at school, on Facebook - wherever, what do you think I should wear them with?

Love ya

Winter - This is the start of me making it up to you

So, today. I look, in a very minimalist way, like a nineties kid. I think it was my sub-conscience which dressed me this morning, because I was feeling the nineties. Just a little. Mostly in my head.

But nether the less! It mostly derived from my disappointment in myself after not even thinking of coming as a nineties kid until two days before Presentation Day on Friday. To people who don't go the Presentation, it's our 'come in a crazy costume and get really tired after being hyperactive all day because of the awesomeness' day.
I won't lie, any Doctor Who fans would have appreciated my Weeping Angel costume, but it was in no way reflective of anything I put up here. Unlike Tish, who was stunning (raise your hand if you were surprised) as a 60's - I want to say kid, but she was a - woman.
Wow, that just went really weird. Tishy? I love you.

So yes.
In other news, follow me on Twitter and Dailybooth. I'm pretty new to them both, but I'll try and post photos/pictures of clothes related things when I'm to lazy to blog.
Compromises are cool.

Love you all dearly.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Winter - Blog Friday

What are you talking about?! Us? Slack?!
Pfft! I think you've got the wrong blog.
*insert another apology here*

Ok, but here it is, the latest blog Friday in who knows how long. (gosh, I nearly wrote longs there...)

First, thankyou to Ciara for reminding me to do this. And a shoutout to Eudine who just came back from Hong Kong and brought me a cuuuute headband (!!!!!) and to the lovely Mara who we miss dearly, and better be checking this damn blog. I mean... what? This ain't no damn blog, *ahem* aaand now I've gone hilbilly.
Ok. So here goes it.

The Sartorialist
So. I think I saved just about every picture in Scotty's Jazz-Age Dance Party posts. GOD! I mean.. GOSH!!!!! The jealousy I have for these people. The jealousy!!!

This one goes out to all the cool cats at Grease

I mean jealous she can wear boyfriend pants. (side note: Anybody seen the boyfriend pants in Sportsgirl. You know, those amazing ones? They're totally mine... soon)

And of how this brilliant fellow (who I have a feeling, after the mention of his name, I should know) being able to wear khaki. AAhhhahah!

And I mean, I guess this girlie pulls it off ok too...

Face Hunter
Ok, see me, right? I loove cardigans. Like, you don't understand. Maybe as much as I love dresses. Yet, YET! I can't find cool ones! What is it with my un-... luck... ness. Just! Shh! I know I don't make sense. So, I'm going to change the topic with this

Garance Dore
Is just living it up ok?!
And she keeps talking about mojito's. I figure they're a cocktail but god! The jealousy.
Again I feel I've already ruined her link with too many words.

Sea of Shoes
I was actually sitting at the haidressers (as the readers grown at the start of another pointless tale) when I was reading some magazine, which featured a whole bunch of bloggers, and her. It was a super exciting time for me. I mean of course, I can't remember any of the other bloggers, but...

DON'T BE SO PICKY!! Geez, had to use my outsidde voice a bit there...
Any way, point is:
She owns these shoes.

Don't ask me how that was the point, it's just where I got to at the end. Gosh, you guys need to back down a whole lot.

Style Rookie
Did I mention she changed her header?
Did I mention its brilliant?
Oh and follow her on twitter, sooo worth it

I'm not going to lie, I didn't read it all, but it looked awesome, and you should.

(the beautiful) Liebemarlene Vintage
has moved. to here. or there (insert upward arrow... back there. You know. Oh, gah!)
And it's awesome. But the teensie writing pisses me offfff!!!
Meanwhile, someone's been polyvoring

In new discoveries:
The Considered Ensemble is a text based fashion blog, if that's what you like. I mean I don't, but you go ahead and have fun.
Blooming Leopold I thiiink I found this through Tami. Maybe. Let me know what you think.
Hipster Musing This one I definatly got through Tami. The genorous dear.
And My Look Book which Tish either announced here or on facebook, anywho, reitteration is cool.

Well, I'm done, eventually you'll start recieving regular posts on the bajillion things I have to tell you all. Especially you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winter - coldy cold cold

Hi all, and we're sooooorrryy. Well, I'm sorry, hopefully once i get back into my routine properly regular posts will be heading your way.
For now, trust me I have lots to tell you, but am still way to traumatised after Canberra. I joke. I mean I am, but that's not my excuse.

Ok, promises promises.
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, July 17, 2010

God I just realised that the dress matched the new layout.

Oh my God.
Thats all.

Winter - Dream Dress

Oh boy I love it, its from Modcloth which is pretty much my favourite store on earth, yes yes it's on the internet but I swear its better than shopping in real life, every single thing in there I want. Dresses I would say are their forte, and then I think about their shoes.
And the books they sell, or the notepads.

God I wished I owned the internet.

Here is the link to buy.

I want it, I want it, I want it.
Leticia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter - No excuses.

1. I have no excuses for not posting, other than laziness - and thats not an excuse.
So here we go, I found an online Australian Fashion Magazine, called My Look Book, look at it here, its really great.

They have plenty of interviews with people who have different jobs in the fashion industry, or just fashion bloggers (who are on the rise by the way).
The cover girls outfit is to die for.

2. Moving on, yesterday we got back from our school trip to Canberra, (unfortunately) our nations capital. I have to say that it is quite a boring place and that the people there seem to thing that matching tracksuits or jeans with runners are the thing to wear, Canberrians; I can tell you, its not.

Now, if you have read this blog at alllll you will know that I quite like the shoe, the clog. Even though earlier in this season of Gossip Girl, Blair admitted her hate for them, I just can't seem to get them out of my mind.
I swear, I wouldn't be surprised if I started dreaming of them soon.
So on Wednesday afternoon, we got an early finish off school and Bella and I went to Sportsgirl. I'm staring at the Clogs in there, going Dear Lord you are beautiful. And leather. It was an FML moment. I try them on despite knowing that I will never have them, and they are beautiful, they also have these cute as all hell clog boots that I give a go as well, and boy oh boy I love them.

Its like a light shines down from heaven and I can hear the Hallelujah chorus. But I can't have them, but never fear - there is a happy ending to this story, I'm not just complaining.

I'm staring at them in the mirror when Bella says, "Rubi shoes isn't leather is it?" and I'm like "No, why?" and she says the most beautiful words ever "Well they have clogs, I was in there the other day."
WEEEEEW! So I think I'm off to buy them today.

No pictures in this post, just a lot of ranting.
Post soon, I PROMISE.
Love LL

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Um. Yeah. Hehe. Hmmmm......

No but really, our deepest condolences. I have internet now, I promise htat hopefully soon posts will come. I promise.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Winter - This post has been a very, very long time coming. Rehearsal Chiiiiic!

Well well well, as has been mentioned before on this blog; both Bella and I are in our schools production of Grease.
Grease is a production with dancing, which therefore entails dance rehearsals.
And boy oh boy, they aren't the kind of dances that you can turn up wearing skinny jeans and ballet flats in a and be fine. Oh no.
This might make you think "oh ew, I hate when I go to the gym, I never know what to wear." Well lets not lie, its no easy job. But I think we have both gotten over the learning curve and we both turn up in outfits that are both cute and practical. Here is an example of one day, a few weekends ago.
I wear a Friends of Couture cardigan (also worn in our winter shoot), a Bonds Grey Sloppy Joe, American Apparel High Waist bike shorts, my white school socks, and fake converse from good ol' Kmart. Bella wears a vintage headscarf from the Lost and Found market, an Op Shop denim jacket, a basic white longsleeve, practical Supre leggings and adorable floral Converse.

We have two massive long rehearsals coming up so I will be sure to bring my camera and take some shots, I have already planned that I want to wear my new Bonds items.
This was a short post, but nice.

Love L xxx

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter - Hair

So. I kind of forgot to mention the fact that TODAY I DYED MY HAIR!!!! (semi-permantly) I did it so my mum could go in the draw to win a trip to Paris. Yeah, I know I'm lovely.I've always wanted to dye my hair. Mostly for the fun of it. I was going to do it myself but I think it's better they did it for me. I used to put red washes through my hair. This is better.
I feel I've always been a red head on the inside. So when the woman was showing me all the colours and was all like "how do you feel about a brown-red?"
I stayed composed guys, it was hard, but I did it.
The photos on my webcam so I do apologise it doesn't show. I can assure it's like a work of art.
AAaaaaahahhaha! I loooove it. My fringe is a bit thicker than anticipated, but I actually like it. And I don't like thick fringes. (this blog has made me realise I hate a lot of things. I'm not a negative person am I?)
But what do we think? I love it. In case you missed that...
Yay or nay?

Another ba-rilliant thing that happened to little old me today.
So I'm walking to the hairdressers, and took a wrong turn in my excitement. I ended up walking just behind-ish of this guy, who gave me a funny look, since he had seen me walk past him seconds ago. But that was fine, people give me weird looks all the time (...?)
Then. THEN!! I realised he has my dream effing bag.

I was all ready to follow my own advice and ask him about it and take a photo just before I turned into this lane way I like to take (which may I add is always deserted) So I'm taking out my ipod and in a deep breath when what does the well dressed fool do but turn into my deserted lane way!
Well, I could hardly follow him could I? And before I could utter another word, he's away and glancing back at me with craay-zy eyes. He just walked away, him and his magic bag.
I mean surely it was fate? Fate I just happened to take a wrong turn, and just happened to end up behind this spectacular man. In my defence he already thought I was weird. And he kind of seemed like he was in a hurry.
He was probably off to plant flowers, write a love novel and compose a beautiful symphony, not to be discovered until after his tragic death as a slave to his art. His symphony (composed with only the most exotic of instruments, and harps) will be named the masterpiece of the millennium.
And, most importantly, he'll have that bag.

Ah dear.
Bella xx

PS I apologise for my poor and elaborate story telling