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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer - watches.

Well, it's been developing for a few months now, but I think it's safe to be made official. The watch craze has begun.

I must admit I'm unwilling to rejoin this craze as my watch, though indescribably cute, isn't exactly up to par with those I've seen floating around on ther people's wrists.

And it does seem like fashion-wise, Rolex of course, is ahead of the watch competition, but Gucci also had some very beautiful things to put on your wrist.
Although, for us poor school girl, always check out op-shops and places like Target - even if it means you'll have to spend a little more getting a new battery or what ever.

One last thing, we all know watches are beautiful, but I do get concerned when I hear conversations like:
"Wow, that's a really nice watch!"
"Haha, thanks."
"What's the time?"
"Oh, I don't know, I just have it to look at, who reads the time anyway?"

Come on.

Have a good Sunday
Love Bella xxxxxx

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer - newbies.

So, after I practically purged my wardrobe this summer, I've been feeling that I deserve a bit of a treaty treat.

After my satchel buy last week, plus the khaki dress at St. Kilda Festival, today I bought a long sleeve dress in that perfect winter print -

 from one of those tacky-ily cheap yet so so brilliant basement shops, a slip ($16 at dotti, get on it one and all) and a musk-stick pink blazer, which doesn't make me look like I'm wearing my mothers clothes because of it's perfect sized shoulder pads - also from a tacky-ily cheap yet so so brilliant basement shop.

Gotta love web cam.
Also, to jelly sandal wanters, there are some average kind of ones at Fat in the GPO building on Bourke St., and to lovers of the gum boot, Jay Jays are selling them in colours including black and dark green, as are Sportsgirl now - who have once again snatched my supremest need straight from my head, and decided to sell it perfectly at a price I'm not willing to pay - also in dark green black and perhaps something else....

Anyyy who. That'll do from me, whose back hurts incredibly after lugging around 4 subjects worth of books.
I guess you've also gotta love year 11.

Love love love love Bella xxxx

P.S. Quick note, if you're not already, you can follow me on Twitter and Dailybooth. And Tish, I look forward to your Friday post/rant as always.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Summer - this is the kind of life I wanted on the holidays.

There's nothing like stepping back and remembering how beautiful your friends are.

And I know Tish would want me to note that she is wearing not only her green pants, but her Marc Jacobs shirt and a craay-zee smile.

Oh and Tish, trench coats rule all. And I figure you'll be birthday posting on Tuesday? Cannot wait.

Love love love Bella xx

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shopping in the Summertime

Hello you cute little readers who are as sweet as candy, 

So summer is almost over, something that I truly could not be more thrilled about
But we haven't had a real summer, so I can't complain a huge amount about.

aspoonfulofers, it is my birthday on Monday, the big 'One Six'! And I had said to Dad and Suzanne that one of the the things that I wanted was a new pair of converse. So tonight we ventured out to Chadstone to make that birthday wish come true. I'm home now and it didn't come true, but not in a bad way.
Instead of getting Converse I got a pair of black Vans that I plan to wear with everything and anything.
I am quite um, shamed, I guess - to say that these are my first pair of Vans. I was a Vans virgin up and till this point, but now it is alllllll good! I can be in the club.
Here is what they look like:
I have always been an admirer of Vans, and I cannot wait to wear these until they fall apart. 

Next on the Friday night posting agenda:
Shopping Centres. Do you love 'em or hate 'em? 
I myself find that I have a love/hate relationship with shopping centres. 
See, I love love love them, because I hate having to take along time to get from one store to another when you are on a shopping mission, but then I think a lot of people have that opinion, which leads shopping centres to be very very busy in general.
But tonight, the shopping centre was wonderful.
We got there a bit after 7, and left at 9 when it closed. Which got me thinking, its Friday night? Right? 
Friday night = late night shopping.
Late night shopping... Late night shopping. WHY DOES LATE NIGHT SHOPPING FINISH AT NINE O'CLOCK?
Which got me saying, that "When I grow up and own a shopping centre, it will be open from 9 till 9 everyday, EXCEPT for when its late night shopping and hours will be 9 till 11!
Yeeeeeeeeah! This is me at Chadstone by the by, wearing my greeeeeeeeeen pants!

And that would be my dream.
LL x 

P.S Bells, I saw a trench coat today, your post got me inspired. It was godly.
P.P.S It turns out that we are having quite busy social lives at the moment, so expect content filled posts to be coming your way!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer - The Trenchcoat plan.

To all my current (and future?) friends, you have been forewarned. For my 18th, I ask for one thing. No but really, I want heaps.
*ahem* But, the most important of those would have to be a perfect, sexy, sophisticated trench.
It is the woman's most important staple in my books, and as my 18th will mark that transition - if all goes to plan....
 It has to be beige. Long or short I don't particularly care - well, anywhere on the thigh - nor do I care about check, but there's the plain seem less beige really does ooze that finesse which is so key.

 And of course, there is no where better to look than Burberry - famous for their British refinement.


But to look at some more current additions.

I love the pinstripes!

Ok, love love love Bella xxxxxxxx

P.S. I hope my photo placement experiments haven't caused too much grief.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Summer - I'm like an onion...

Hello aspoonfulof-ers,

So we have officially been plunged head first into February, which means 2 things.
  • school  and
  • the last month of summer
Now, correct me if I'm wrong Tish, but I am of the opinion that although we both love our seasons, hot and cold, but I have always favoured Summer, and you love your Winter.
Why is it then, that I am excited to see the back of this season?
Really, I have to assume it's because of the rubbishness that has been Summer '10/'11 - right? And the fact that I just want to blanket myself inmultiple doonas and blackets and shawls and curl up and watch DVD's all day. Like, seriously - who's in?
Yesterday I watched this StrummingSally video and was so - surprisingly - jealous of watching her wrap her big, thick, woollen scarf around herself about three hundred times.
Until she looked like this,
 And then I realised, that no matter how much I love Summer, and simplistic clothes, I'm a layering girl, and I guess I've always (secretly) been of the opinion that the more clothes you pile on, the better your chances'll be of looking good.
It's so wrong. But that'll never deter me.

I layer you with my piles of patterned love,
Bella xxx

Tish, I'll see you on Tuesday. (vlogbrothers reference much?)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Summer - ocean of footwear

Due to homework and such extreme tiredness that a nap will proceed this post, welcome to how much I've suddenly remembered that I love the crazy, bizzare, completely un-every-wearable styles of the Sea of Shoes poster - whose name avades me in my exhaustion.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer - Skirts

Hi hi,
Today, let me take you on a skirt evolution.

These are actually the most gorgeous and flattering skirts around. They're super eeeasy to wear. No worry about riding skirt length sor - more disgustingly - leg hair lengths. And Bella admits they have so so so replaced maxi dresses in her heart.


We love the way these fall, in their not-quite-pleated way. They're simply fantastic because they give you that mini skirt feel without the high school effect. If there was anything we'd choose to start sewing now, it'd be these. Especially because they sit just off your thigh, so they don't make you look bigger by thigh-hugging.

DenimI loove a good denim skirt. The kind you can chuck on without having to plan an outfit around it like some of the others. They're a staple, just like shorts, but more girly.

If you're bold and your legs are an asset - these are for you. The opaque shirts and skirts are like a pair of fraternal twins who could be identical but there's something differrent that doesn't let you decide which is more beautiful. But they're never to be compared or worn side by side. But this twin is less common compared to their shirt equivalent - but more striking. It's like we've been through an evolution -we've kind of adapted to the shirt.

LL xxxx

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer - What I Did Today Was Of No Importance

Lol Jks I bought a satchel.
I'd swear with joy but we like to keep this blog G-rated.

My story goes a little like this.
I woke up yesterday morning and realised I had a boring day extravaganza ahead of me. So, I got ready in a flash to be sure I could leave with the rest of ma fam to go to the market.
Now usually when we take a family shopping trip, Mum and I will go straight to the supermarket, and Dad and Adeline will head to the market.
But yesterday we decided to have lunch at the market all together. And we just happened to decide to take an unusual path to said lunch  place. And I happened to take a casual glance into a shop I never glance at - despite my love affair with the South Melbourne Market clothes.

And, on special, a satchel. $79, quality, rich, warm, perfect red tinged brown leather, with two deep pockets, pen and business card holders and a spot for you phone and wallet and a nice long strap.

Today I picked it up, and strode home feeling confident and sophisticated.
I'd wear it to school everyday if I could.
And, luckily (?) for me, as it is the perfect winter bag, I was graced with a drizzle of ice cold rain, just to help me fit in.

Now to those who may be new to the blog, take a stroll down our memory lane and try and count how many times I've bored readers with my exclamations of love towards these godly bags. I lost count after 35,981.

I'm, like, over the moon happy. Squeal like an embarrassing teen happy, listen to ear-drum-music-bursting loud music until you feel your heart thumping in protest happy.

I'm going to organise a some mini shoot-esque photos when I have my head on.
And until then, Tish - I'll see you on Tuesday.

Bella xxxxxxxx

P.S. To my dearest friend Ruby Cox - SURPRISE!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Summer - aspoonfulof - tv edition

Today, I'm going to talk about my favourite fashiony TV shows - Project Runway and Gossip Girl.

First up, Project Runway.
Today I am going to post mainly about Gretchen, the winner of the 2008 season, as well as some little interludes of other favourites. I love this show, I really do. It is a combination of two fantastic things; the first of which is slightly bitchy reality TV and the second that its really inspiring.

Now I can't sew but after watching this I really want to learn how, I think about different 'dream' items of clothing all the time - but I suck at fashion figure drawing also so all in all this really isn't the thing for me, but I think it is so great the amount of creativity of young people that is shown on this show. I wish I could be as creative as them - except I think I'd settle for just teaching them how to styyyyyyle.
One of my favourite things is styling meltdowns. So much laughter!

Here are some picture of some of my favourite looks.
 This is Gretchen herself modelling a dress that she made, on the night of the final 'runway' during fashion week in New York. I love how simple it is, and how fantabulous she looks in it. Something about a sheer skirt has always intrigued me and somewhat bewildered me. I'm still not entirely sure what I think of them but all I can say is that I think this one is great and handled very tastefully.

The last two pictures are from her final runway. I didn't choose any pictures from the course of the show, only pictures from the end. I didn't do this because I thought she was shit the whole way through and got really good at the end but that I think that her final collection was possibly the most wearable runway collection I have ever seen. So often you see designers making these gowns that you could only wear to an awards ceremony, or a little dress that could only go down the red carpet, dresses so over the top that you don't know how anyone would wear them. I love that these clothes are dramatic and they have edge, but they wouldn't look out of place if you saw someone wearing them down the street.

There is a 'thing' (for want of a better word) about designers sending runway looks down the runway (obviously) and then they make versions of their runway looks called ready to wear looks. I find this frustrating. So if I ever want to go to a fashion show, I only get to see clothes that I would have no where to wear? I just don't think that this is quite right (I think I should have a rant each post). What I loveeeeed about this was that her runway looks were ready to wear and they were still totally eye-catching and not at all too boring for a runway show. 
Rant over.

So Gossip Girl. If you ask me, GG went a bit off the rails in season three - fashion and storyline wise, but the storyline is a totally different concern and story. 
For example, Blair. Lets do a fashion evolution.
First and second season are obviously very beautiful and preppy and cute and just so Blair.
 Season Three hits and, OH NO THE HORROR.
That looks like a bad Mother of the Bride outfit.
And then season four, Blair is back to her old roots and looks gorgeous. No surprises there.

So yes, this is my Friday night post 11 hours late, I do apologise. Everyone will know that the weather was craaaaaazy last night, so I was doing things like saving the house from leaking windows, going around to Mums to see if it was leaking, taking long routes in the car because everything was underwater, walking around looking fabulous in a mini dress and doc martins because it was a combination of flooding and 93 percent humidity.
Good day.

Sorry this is late,
more coming soon,
LL x 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Summer - SAGS

The Screen Actor Guild Awards. Shouldn't it be SAGAs then? Would that not be thoroughly more fitting?
So so so Tish look who has turned up on my daily Vogue patrol?

Only Hailee Steinfeld. Is she following us? Is she the next biggest thing? Only time (and hope) can tell.

Other highlights included
Kim Kardashian who I'm not particularly a fan of just because she has a show, the point of which I've never really understood, other than wanting to become a celebrity.

 Lea Michele, who I'm also not partial to, looks fantastic.

And to keep the Glee trend going, the always stunning Naya Rivera, who seamlessly mastered this thirties dress - I thoroughly urge one and all to check out photos from the front *melt*

 But my prize must go to Heather Morris, who plays the hilarious Brittany on the show. She looks like a princess. Need I say more to convey my love?
 Hilary Swank, January Jones, Tina Fey and Mila Kunis. Go google Jones especially, I can't print screen any more.

Pretty much there was a lot of gold, a lot of white and a bit of purple, and pretty much all flowing skirts.
All of which were gorgeous.

Ah, award season, how you will occupy my time.
Love love love you
Bella xx

Tish, I'll see you on Friday - literally and