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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spring - I didn't proof read this, apologies in advance

Okay, its been a good last two days - fashion wise. Not because I have been dressing especially well (I'm currently looking like I'm from the really shocking part of the eighties, think leggings, baggy T-shirt with socks and runners), but really, its just been good.
So I'll walk you through the last two days? Shall I?

I made my first ModCloth purchase. Now I have lusssssted over ModCloth for sometime, but then - yesterday. When I woke up yesterday our dollar was at ninety-eight US cents, so I finally went bought stuff. I got;
- Cheap Monday's jeans

***ATTENTION*** Dear aspoonfulof-ers,
I officially started writing this post about a million years ago and somehow haven't posted it yet. It is Leticia Littleleaf here and quite frankly I am ashamed at myself for my 'blog behaviour'. This morning when I went on to have a look at Bella's latest post and I noticed that ALL the posts on the pages were hers I was like, "Shite. This has to be stopped". So what you have read above about the, "last two days" - no, it was weeks ago.
But I will still tell you about those two days.

Here is a picture of said jeans;
Now the really good thing about writing this in hindsight is that I have the clothes now and I can tell you about them. So, these may be THE MOST COMFORTABLE JEANS I HAVE EVER WORN IN MY SHORT SWEET LIFE! But the catch was, I bought them in a size 30 right? After trying on other size 30 jeans, and saying "Alright, perfect fit".


These jeans come in like, 20-22, 22-24 and so on and so forth. So, alas, I have a pair of 30-32 jeans that are just too big. These jeans were described as being super sleek skinny jeans, but on me they read more like boyfriend jeans. Now really, that isn't the worse thing that could have happened, really! You ask for an Apricot danish they give you an apple one, your not going to complain (thats not the best analogy I could have used, apple danishes are disgusting). So I urge you, buy your Cheap Mondays the size lower than you think, if off the internets.
I actually quite like what happened with this - I mean yes these would have been great as skinny jeans, but I already have skinny jeans, maybe this was the universe telling me that its time for something different, I don't know.

The next thing that I got I have dubbed the "sweetest little dress that ever was".
Even though I haven't worn it yet, it's going to be one of my Christmas presents from Mumsicles. Now, the story behind this dress is that I watched Glee Season Two, Episode One: Audition, and I just had to have Rachel's outfit from the end of the episode. Blue with white spots dress, tanned legs, white socks and brown loafer-y sort of shoes. It will be my staple summer outfit.
Also, the back of the dress is cuuuute.

OKAY, TRAVESTY! (That is mine and Bella's new word by the way)
Modcloth doesn't stock this item any more so there are... *drumroll*
God, life is too hard.

But have no fear, Leticia is here (oh my god that totally works), I have a picture of the T-shirt I bought.
It has a picture of Saturn on it, do I need to say anything? No.

WELL THANKYOU, I have more content filled posts coming your way in the near future!
Sorry I was so funny this post, I started writing at 20 past 7 after going to sleep at around 1.
I hope Greta has a good Champagne Breakfast this morning, Happy Birthday!


P.S I forgot to say the second reason why those two days were amazing. I hadn't checked The Sartorialist in about six million weeks and I had two whole pages of Sartorialist goodness that I hadn't seen! Aaaah!
By the way, Scott - congrats, your photos have made my life lately.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spring - Oh my goodness update!

As I was innocently checking my emails, I was subject to, as I usually am, to a mail list update from Sportsgirl.
This is often a joyful, exciting time for me. But! Little did I know

Now, this, luckily for me coincides with a realisation of sorts.
Sportsgirl has gotten too good for it's - or our - own goods. It's popularity means I am constantly afraid of being targeted, as admired as it may be, for being a sportsgirl wearer. I know this because I do it to others. Although I praise them for wearing Sportsgirl clothes - congrats to them - it is extremely sad that I have been so withdrawn into this consumerism that I can point out each item they have bought from this divine store.
Nobody likes being labelled as a this-wearer or a that-wearer. that's partly why we buy our clothes from op-shops isn't it? Strangely I feel it fine to yearn over someone elses designer wear, that's understandable as an item sent down to this person from the Gods - the wealth helps too - but we do not live in an age where $90 dresses are designer clothes. No matter how utterly unbearable your life may seem without them.

My point being, to anyone who has skipped ahead for the punch line, or who - like me - is still a little confused as to where I'm heading with this, I'll make it clear.
Sportsgirl is selling satchels. I am torn. Because yes! finally, (although it has only one buckle, slightly lacks the vintage wear, and is a little too tan for my liking) I have found the perfect satchel.
But it's sold at Sportsgirl, and upon discovering this, shortly after my overwhelming joy, I felt a disappointment. A feeling that buying it would be selling out. I can only think it's due to two reasons:
1. Buying things from Sportsgirl (which, after this post I'm officially abreiviatng to SG) means you'll be instantly recognised as a girl of impeccable - SG - tastes. And it's the recognised bit I have a problem with. I can;t accept a complement to my outfit if it's followed by "oh, and I saw your bag in SG, my [insert relation] has it"
2. It would kind of feel like defeat. After all my searching, and noticing, and sadness over every perfect satchel bag bought from an op-shop, never to be mine, I'll get it from somewhere any average not-quite-fashionista can get it from. I don't think I could wake up every morning and see it hanging on my door and be satisfied that all my hunting and wishing was worth it.

Pretty much.
After my ramble I will now stop abusing your eyes, and get back to studying.
Good day, Bella xx

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spring - Rome numero 2

Ello, I mean buongiorno!
Welcome to more photos of my outfits!!

First of all, a decent one of my day two outfit has been posted! Exciting!! Sorry... I'm overtired.

Now, moving on. On day three I got a bit concerned because my bagf and my dress were slightly different shades of pink, and I kind of have colour OCD, so it made me feel ill. (Christopher Boone?)It really is just the polar opposite. I wanted to show my teachers I was adaptable considering I was becoming known as the fashion obbessed one. One teacher had to convince me to bring jeans to slip on when we went into the churches on one day. She was like "You won't have to wear them for long, so your fashion will be fine...". Little did she know that it wouldn't because it was jeans under a dress, and I was wearing my denim jacket. I mean, please.

This was the day, as anyone who has been on my facebook will know, that we were privledged to walk down the Via dei Condotti. Ok, homework check: who Google Mapped it? Dissapointing girls. Do. It. Now.

Jokes, I'll just show you my amazing photos.

Pretty much.
This post has taken ages.
But more soon my darlings, keep being jealous.
Oh, and if you go to PCW, don't come to assembly on Wednesday, my five-minute-limit speech goes for 7 pages so far.
Love Bella xx

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spring - Rome updates

Now, I don't want to give away much due to my speaking at assembly next Wednesday, but as aspoonfulof-er's (by the way, you guys totally need a name) you get the privvy information.

Rome - if I'm being entirely honest, made a massive, life-altering impression me with it's buildings, history, food and temper. Although beautiful clothes however, were found on distinguished old Italian men and women. Mostly men.

The Sartorialist apparently does not lie.

I'm still trying to get pictures off other peoples facebooks to show what I wore each day. But so far I have day one and two.

Day one: also known as plane day, also known as the day where optimum comfort is required consisted of: a brand spanking new op shop tee shirt. Can you say something from an op shop is brand spanking new? It's navy with this sort of shelly, sparkling shit going on at the top. (I'm still suffering from jet lag, please excuse my extremely poor wording) High waisters, grey tights and flats also made their way in there.

Day two: The Vaticano Museum. This had to be packed in our carry on, and endure much walking. Applaud Ruby Cox and Retrostar for that dress. And if you're really nice, you'll excuse my attempt to deal with the wind.

More will come as jet lag lessens,
Loveeeeee Bella

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spring - but more importantly ROOOOMMMMEEEEEE

Ello ello, or bonjourno from Roma.
Things are busy, and today; day 5 is the first day I've been able to get hold of a computer.
Sadly, as I didn't bring my camera cord, my hopes for making progressional photo updates has not been possible.
I have 35 shots left. And am yet to do the Ancient Rome tour. Wish me luck.
As of yet the Vatican, Squares and Churches, Assissi and oh, I don't know, Mary MacKillop kind of maybe becoming a saint, are all under control.

I won't go into too many details, because of the previously mentioned time limit, but the people, food, scenery and cloooottthheess are just beautiful. Google Map this little place called the Via Dei Condotti, maybe zoom into the street view. Maybe.

Oh, and not only have I been complemented daily due to my clothes - weeewww - but I have gotten continuously jealous of the other stunning girls on my trip.

Much love to you all,
ciao ciao,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spring - tomorrow

Hello all, the internet still hasn't come back, but as far as I know, Italy has the wdeb down pat, so, post from Rome?
No promises?
Yes and yes.
Love love love youu

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spring - kjxdhgufbvcb cvbcvb

Don't judge me, thinking up titles is my weakness.

So. I am taking this very small window of opportunity to let you know you have not received top quality Bella posts because as part of my house becoming awesome, I needed to sacrifice my internet.

Any who. I bought a super cute bather-cover/see-through-dress that's very Ann-Margaret a la Viva Las Vegas - which the total stunner decided to put over her shoulder rather than wear for an entire 10 pages of google images results.
She wears a lot of cute things during the movie - this one looks like the mid riff top of another cute red head we know, look through the Spring shoot? Too many to describe without getting completely off topic - just watch the movie, will you!

I would have liked to put a photo up of the gorgeous thing, that is - *gasp* - red!!! but it didn't work out that way. Mostly because it would include getting into my bathers, which with my gorgeous untanned body - I'm putting off for as long as possible.
Oh, AND! it was $8 at South Melbourne Op Shop, and red - did I mention it was red?!
During the same trip may I add, our very extremely dear Ruby Cox bought a tres Blair cape. Don't have a fit - I'll get a photo soon.

So, for what looks to be a while - arrivederci,
though I will try to post before I jet set to Rome next Thursday!!
Can you believe it!
Love you with all my reasonably priced dresses,
Bella xxxxxxxx

PS Been getting my pre-travel shopping done, exhausting but eventually worth it - again, pictures soooon

Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring - Its been a long time!

Let me tell you, that I am in a good mood. Because I just finished my English assignment! We had to make websites for a fictitious band, it was infuriating work. But mine was an indie band called too much, and subtly I was just making fun of indie kids.

I know, you will probably thinking by this point "... Tish, whats wrong with you? This is a spoonful of we don't care about your homework!"

But anyway, I was poking fun at what indie kids wear in some of the song lyrics when I looked down at what I was wearing and thought "oh Gosh Tish, you are in no position to be making fun of indie kids!"

Today I am wearing a black and light blue striped cardigan with gold buttons and black cuffs with a high wasted mini-skirt that is also patterned (and has also been on this blog previously).
So, alas - I was wearing two opposing, slightly clashing patterns which I think is in true indie kid fashion.

Here is a crappy photobooth photo of me, in despair about my 'indie look'.
Also, if you are curious here is the band website.

I look ridiculous, which is funny. Love Tish