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Monday, November 22, 2010

Spring - hot and procrastingating

Just an update
1) we love you
2) we have heaps planned
3) SUMMER IS COMING !!! as today was the most splendid of examples
4) neither of us have internet this week - and me - still- for even longer than that.
5) but we love you?

Question of the week: why is this beautiful man so angry?

Bella xxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spring - Ah, stress etc

So, I like to make promise that don't necissarily come through. Ha.
I don't have photos of casual kids. Even though that's thoroughly horrid news considering PCW DID ME PROUD congrats girl (Paula). You all (Paula) did really well.
In all seriousness, you all did. But Paula won. Soz guyzzz.

Just, un fashion related news: As I was coming home, I noticed that the most beautiful builder in perhaps the world is working on the outside of my house. So, as you do, I came in and opened my blind, so I could look out, and he was most invited to sneak a peek at me being a chiller on my laptop.
But then, it turns out two builders are working outside. Mr. young and beautiful, and Mr. old and fat. Sorry to be harsh, but ... I have no where to go with that sentence.

Um. So. The summer wants list has developed considerably since deciding to write one yesterday.
It goes a little like this:
1. dresses
2. dresses
3. a white dress
4. mostly floral dresses
5. and of course some maxi's - I mean please.
6. things that go with dresses (jewellery, jackets, ... other things that you wear with dresses)
7. like scarves I guess
8. nailpolish
9. more dresses
10. and as always:
11. a satchel
12. and pants/shorts that aren't made of denim

Send us yours?

This adding other bloggers photos onto posts where I have none to contribute is really working for me.

Bella xxxxxx

Monday, November 8, 2010

Spring - but it could really be summer

Hi hi. So, I have an assessment due tomorrow, we are in the midst of exam panic time, and - probably the most vexing of my problems - we have casual clothes tomorrow.

And what am I doing? Checking all my Sportsgirl emails - despite my anger at them recently - and then telling you all about it.

My summer wants list is on it's way, and I will have photos of casual clothes day peoples tomorrow.
Did you know I haven't been on any blogs in like, a month? This is my life now.

Ciao, Bella xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm sick,

Hence why I have a post full of content coming up for you guys. Here in the merry old land of Aus - summer is coming.
Some will say travesty, some will say terrific.
Normally I would be one of the former, but this year - I swear that, by God, I will be one of the latter.
I have spent the wholllllle day on the lovely old Internet, looking at summer clothes.

Yes I know, you can't really call these clothes. But at the moment, I have an obsession with pink bathers. I don't know if I would even wear them myself, its a tough situation, because I love love love them to pieces. The first bather bottoms are from American Apparel (aka the love of my life), and the second pair a set from Swimwear Galore.
The first dress is from Sportsgirl, and I looooooooove it. LOVE it! The second is a Modcloth product which I need to scoop up ASAP - its a sale product and I fear it won't last long - and its pretty. It reminds me of something that the lovely Vanessa Abrams of the Gossip Girl fame would wear. Here is where I am going to rant, here we go;

It is so hard to dress for summer - without wearing 'hippy' or 'nautical' chic. SO HARD.
You can wear these things and look good, yes. But you run the risk of looking like everrrry other girl out there. So what do you do? You wear a T-shirt and shorts? Well thats original. Grr. This isn't a rant to say I will not wear 'hippy chic' or 'nautical chic', or a T-shirt and shorts. I will. But this is a rant to say that I AM BORED PEOPLE.

I think thats enough, a short and not so sweet rant.
Love Littleleaf x

Friday, November 5, 2010

Spring - Rome numero 3

Hello, I realised I'd forgotten about this duty, but, I do believe I'm going to cut it short.
So: first - after realising I never showed what I ended up wearing on day 2

Hence my maxi dress being the polar opposite of a short dress etc [insert laughs] blah blah.

It rained that day. Please note that rain, and floor length dresses and puddles do not, no matter how much you act like you don't care, work. But this is a cute photo, so it had to go in.

Day 3 was Cannonisation day:

So I rocked the uniform - ruining another perfectly good group shot - again.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy numberrrr 4 was Thanksgiving Mass day:

AND I WORE RED and I was happy. So happy that I would deem this my favourite outfit of the trip. This is - in other... updates - the 'Viva Las Vegas-Ann-Margret' dress.

Day fiiive, and I really can't believe I'm saying this. I can't remember what I wore. I have a feeling it was my yellow vintage dress, the day the zip broke on my yellow vintage, but I can't be certain considering I can't find a single photo of me from Assissi. This is ridiculous. I am sure you are outraged as well as appalled and I apologise profusly.
This is a joke.

Day six, I rocked the uniform again at the audience.

The audience wasn't very interesting.

And *tear* day seven, I wore my once op-shop dress, now handmade skirt a la mother, and the sunglasses and scarf (tied here around my bag) I haggled off a gypsy.

Love love love, Bella
PS I won't promise any posts this weekend, because of this suicide mission IU'm going on. They call it 'exams'.