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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Summer: sunny with a breeze

Today we've been busy trying to come up with a word for drinking similar to noming. And we do realise this will only make sense to a small collective of people. So far we are unsuccessful.

We have once again found ourselves without functioning camera's (ahh yes) so we have only our way with words to convey an image of our current attire.
Leticia - hair = wavy, like de-curled curls but not straight, loose low ponytail. necklace = diva, beads tied in baby pink fabric, wrapped around twice.
top = cotton on sailor stripe t-shirt tucked into
jeans = jeans.
shoes = nude lipstik flats.

Bella - scrap material tied as hair band. made it myself.
yet another ebay dress, and because we're going crazy with the links here it is: eBay .

Now onto something a little bit more useful/educational. Liberty, rant time. Ah,Liberty. How I love you so, for those of you who have not heard, Liberty is a brand of fabric from the UK.
They also have lines of clothing among other things, while their fabric is very, very expensive, we here at "a spoonful of believe" that it is well worth it, very recently I (Leticia) bought around 20cm of Liberty to embellish a scarf I made with, and it was very worth it.
And I also have to pull out the story of ten years ago, at a Garage Sale, my Mum finding a Liberty shirt and scoring it for all of one dollar!

For ages, she was going to cut it up and use the fabric but, then I inherited it, lovely.

Enjoy being awesome,
love, us.

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