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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Autumn - the sweetest of sixteens

So, yesterday was lovely Ruby's Sweet Sixteen! It was an amazing day, we went out and had Italian for lunch which was so so yummy and filling. I share with you some cute cute photo's from the day.

Ally saved up and bought her self a Louis Vuitton bag, and boy is it beautiful. Like, really really beautiful.

I actually think this series of Ruby opening her pyjama's from Nicole is one of the cutest things evvvver! You can just tell how happy they are, and why wouldn't she be, those pants are adorable.

Ciara and I communicating in our true form.

Ciara looking stunning, as per usual.

Ruby's pretty necklace (I'm saying that because I was part of the group that bought it for her, but yeah, it really is cute)

As Bella said "a Kodak moment if I ever saw one".

Us with our cute outfits (if I do say so myself).

Aren't they cute with their little adorable half up half down ears!
I think this photo really says a lot about our friends...

Maddie's top was pure genius, I'm so sad I didn't get a picture, but she had this old purse of her Mums that was adorable! It was one of those little mini "box purses" and was black patent with a gold clasp and black handles. So cute.

Bella and Ciara looking stunning. Good photo I might add.

Cute Bella.

I hope you have all been happy with the frequency of the posts lately, we certainly have been.

Oh, I realised we have yet to mention that we have en email,
If you see something and think, "huh, thats cute, I think Bella would like it" or "oooh, that models is pretty, Leticia would like her style", drop us a line and send it in! Even if you have a really great photo of you and friends, we look forward to it!

Love love love always

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