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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spring - Ah, stress etc

So, I like to make promise that don't necissarily come through. Ha.
I don't have photos of casual kids. Even though that's thoroughly horrid news considering PCW DID ME PROUD congrats girl (Paula). You all (Paula) did really well.
In all seriousness, you all did. But Paula won. Soz guyzzz.

Just, un fashion related news: As I was coming home, I noticed that the most beautiful builder in perhaps the world is working on the outside of my house. So, as you do, I came in and opened my blind, so I could look out, and he was most invited to sneak a peek at me being a chiller on my laptop.
But then, it turns out two builders are working outside. Mr. young and beautiful, and Mr. old and fat. Sorry to be harsh, but ... I have no where to go with that sentence.

Um. So. The summer wants list has developed considerably since deciding to write one yesterday.
It goes a little like this:
1. dresses
2. dresses
3. a white dress
4. mostly floral dresses
5. and of course some maxi's - I mean please.
6. things that go with dresses (jewellery, jackets, ... other things that you wear with dresses)
7. like scarves I guess
8. nailpolish
9. more dresses
10. and as always:
11. a satchel
12. and pants/shorts that aren't made of denim

Send us yours?

This adding other bloggers photos onto posts where I have none to contribute is really working for me.

Bella xxxxxx

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