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Friday, November 5, 2010

Spring - Rome numero 3

Hello, I realised I'd forgotten about this duty, but, I do believe I'm going to cut it short.
So: first - after realising I never showed what I ended up wearing on day 2

Hence my maxi dress being the polar opposite of a short dress etc [insert laughs] blah blah.

It rained that day. Please note that rain, and floor length dresses and puddles do not, no matter how much you act like you don't care, work. But this is a cute photo, so it had to go in.

Day 3 was Cannonisation day:

So I rocked the uniform - ruining another perfectly good group shot - again.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy numberrrr 4 was Thanksgiving Mass day:

AND I WORE RED and I was happy. So happy that I would deem this my favourite outfit of the trip. This is - in other... updates - the 'Viva Las Vegas-Ann-Margret' dress.

Day fiiive, and I really can't believe I'm saying this. I can't remember what I wore. I have a feeling it was my yellow vintage dress, the day the zip broke on my yellow vintage, but I can't be certain considering I can't find a single photo of me from Assissi. This is ridiculous. I am sure you are outraged as well as appalled and I apologise profusly.
This is a joke.

Day six, I rocked the uniform again at the audience.

The audience wasn't very interesting.

And *tear* day seven, I wore my once op-shop dress, now handmade skirt a la mother, and the sunglasses and scarf (tied here around my bag) I haggled off a gypsy.

Love love love, Bella
PS I won't promise any posts this weekend, because of this suicide mission IU'm going on. They call it 'exams'.

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