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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I saw "Nine" today

Mediocre at best movie, but golly golly gosh. I do love a little bit of Penelope Cruz.
But most of all, I love the costumes.

These got me thinking, wowee who was the costume designer.

Colleen Atwood
Ah yes, she also designed for Chicago, Edward Scissorhands, Gattaca, Sweeny Todd, A Series Of Unfortunate Events and soon to be released, Alice in Wonderland.

So, I got home, and I went on Etsy and searched for Flapper lingerie, and all other things Flapper and just fell in love with the vintage sleepwear. So much more beautiful than what is produced these days.

I do realise that Flapper is the wrong era, but really the costumes in the Musical numbers reminded me of the 1920's, but, kind of 60's inspired.

Leticia x

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