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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was my birthday a few days ago!

Leticia here. Very, very, amazingly proud of Bella's post.

I just had to post about the cute cute ring that I got off my Mother dear (among other things).
Mum got it from a market stall, sadly the quality of the photo I just took isn't the best. It is very old fashioned, and is made out of a plasticy kind of thing. It doesn't really look like plastic, it's not at all shiny. The white on the front is like a bouquet of flowers. V. sweet.

Number One: New York, I love you
I got a book called New York Line By Line: From Broadway to Battery from Mum. It is so great and it just reinstates my love for all things New York.

Number Two: Red Tree Studios

This is a cute little Melbourne business with little earrings, hairclips and brooches. The site is:
Otherwise you can email !

Number Three: Band T-shirts?
I'm still undecided. I really don't know about the band t-shirt, I look at them and say "Oh thats awesomely awesome" but then you see so many "Indie Kids" who really love the fact that they are wearing a Cure T-shirt and it just makes me think, wowee do I not want to look like them. This debate in my mind started the other day when I saw a realllllly cute Smiths tee on Etsy!

Number Four: School
Today I received an email that was sent to all students at school. It was about a lecture/seminar thing that is on in a few weeks, and it is all about if you want to get into the Fashion Industry. And really, I could talk about clothes, magazines, colour schemes, and whether I think charcoal goes with floral all day long. I think the Fashion Industry is a go for me.

Speaking at the seminar will be the editor of Vogue among many others, the night goes for three hours and there will be a section in which you can sign up for work experience, part time jobs, full time jobs etc.
I know I am being pretty sketchy with the details at the moment but I will most definitely keep you posted!
Speaking of school, the other day Bella and I were having a chat about the need to "Gossip Girl up our school uniform" (yes, that is a direct quote). Really the look of the uniform is quite pathetic, add some thigh high socks, cute tights, little blazers, ties and cute flats and we are good.

Well, thats a lot to add actually. But still. I'm thinking about staging a rebellion.

Love love love, Leticia

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