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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autumn #1

So here's my latest ditty.
It's autumn now (hence the new layout and must haves =>) but i don't quite feel it. In my mind, summer's gone, but I don't know how to let my wardrobe in on this new advance. I'm thinking I'll give it a months le-way, but it's going to get cold soon; and I promise you I speak in no way for Leticia, but summer held a great transition behind the doors of my fashion world. And winters never exactly been my best season. I get cold easily.
But I have seen Blair effortlessly go from season premier to finale in style,

I'm sure one of these days Leticia and I shall blog in unison, but for now, we work in separation.
(though this is hardly an achievement for her) and I pray to the Louis Vuittons, Mario Pradas and Guccio Guccis above that I shall be able to do the same. Pray.
Thus far I'm seeing more blazers, tights and skirts, which is promising in a big way.
Let me know what your position is on the 'transition season'.
And I promise I'll have photos of my fore mentioned dresses soon. My two very talented friends are swamped which, you know, learning and stuff at the moment, but I've asked for it by the 1st of May, though I highly doubt I'll be able to wait that long.
Love you long time, Bella Marigold xx

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