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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autumn: Rainy rainy

Finally, miserable weather is here. Finally it is time for good clothes. Finally it's time to wear tights, scarves, berets and multiple cardigans. Finally. Yesterday in Melbourne it was one of the most stormy days in many years. As you can see in that picture I sourced from The Age, it has been bucketing down. The girls in the picture have managed to look glamorous despite being drenched!

It really does just go to show what Melbourne is like, yesterday morning I was hot in a T-shirt, Jeans and Docs and then, well, then it rained. And rained.
So my advice to you Melbournians, is identical to the advice given to Boy Scouts, "always be prepared". I was pretty proud of my outfit yesterday, and surprised. I "wore" three shades of pink. Pale/baby pink, dusty pink and dustiest pink. I say "wore" because one was my umbrella, my beautiful umbrella.

Fashion week was recentish. Here are my favourites from various collections:
Something about this model made me look twice. At first I thought it was that she looked quite like Dita Von Teese with her beauty spots. Or that it was her hair that was amazing. It was only when I read the caption of this photo that I realised what it was. "Elena Miro's Autumn/Winter 2010 plus size collection for Milan Fashion Week". Plus size? Really? I realised then that she looked fantastic. Very simply because she has a figure. In "real life" terms she is not even remotely plus sized, but this is model world. This model looks like she is wearing the clothes, not swimming in them. Brilliant.

Now, Chanel:

Chanel's spring 2010 collection is a combination of things I love. Cute, feminine outfits with bland average colours, paired with chunky shoes (preferably heels). I think High end fashion and clogs had a baby to make these shoes.

That is all for now, and I promise promise promise that soon there will be some photo's from the streets of lovely Melbourne.
Leticia Littleleaf x

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