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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogs to have a looksee at

Sea Of Shoes
Very good, very good. Written by a girl Jane who just looooves her shoes, is very fortunate to have a mother in the fashion industry and to be asked by Chanel if they could dress her for her debutante ball. I'm a bit jealous. Well, a lot jealous.

And, I know we have mentioned this blog before. But lately I have found myself checking The Sartorialist multiple times a day. I go on the computer, its "oh I should check the Sartorialist. Mr. Cortina looks as fabulous as usual." Five minutes pass, I have done my usual Facebook check. "... Maybe there is something new on The Sartorialist."

And the sad thing is I'm not being remotely sarcastic when I say "five minutes pass". Wow, my life.

Except some pictures of Melbournes finest soon.


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