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Friday, March 12, 2010

S and B. And Kiara's Birthday

Bella and I had a very odd moment of realisation the other night at dear Kiara's Birthday dinner. We accidentally, looked like our beloved S and B from Gossip Girl. I being B, she being S.

Bella wears:
A denim jacket, pink print maxi dress and flat sandals.
With some very cute earrings I might add.
Leticia wears: A headband (of course), a cream mini dress, brown striped tights, and fabulous heels (featured in our first ever blog post!). Later paired with a green velvet cropped jacket.

Other golden photos from the night:

Kiara looked like the gorgeous thing she is in the dress made by some of our friends that Bella has mentioned in previous posts! What talented young things.

Another cute outfit was Rubie, unfortunately I couldn't find a photo where she was "centre stage" as she was in charge of photo's that night! But adorable none the less.

Retro star sale tomorrow morning kids, hope to see you there. Everything under ten dollars, should be amazing!
Love, Littleleaf

1 comment:

  1. Good work Leticia, put a real attractive snap of me. Haha, I love it :) Bella.
    Oh, by the way, I went and changed all the names.