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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Autumn - Day a million


This, I've been meaning to put up for AGES, but I'm super disorganised, gosh! shoot me!!
This was sent in by a close friend of ours, Eudine. First may I just say, she is, well, she's the biggest cutie in the world. And she assures us she regularly checks our blog and loves it. Didn't I tell you she was cute?
Back to the point, she went on our schools Japan trip last year, and grabbed this happy snap of some proper Harijuku girls.
They are some brave, wild but very cute kids. Right there.

And may I use this brilliant oppurtunity to just back what Tish was talking about last week, pleeease email us, we greatly appreciate it.
Oh and if anyone knows what Ciara knows about what's going to happen to our email, but refuses to tell us, please also let us know. To those who have no idea, I apologise, that probably looked weird. Oh, no, it definatly looked weird.

Also, I realise I'll be again back pedalling in saying that no, i haven't yet broadened my retail resources, but was; again on the Sportsigrl website. I'm on their mailing list, it's just calling for me!!
Here's what I've found:
Sportsgirl loves to feature different upcoming designers. Arnsdorf I do believe is utter cuteness. They've got heaps of burgandy, textured materials and tailored pants. I must admit, it'll be one of those things I personally will be admiring only at a distance. *sigh*
They also, with the fast aproach of winter, (you know it's coming when you're shaking it your school shoes every morning) they're rolling out the jackets. Oh, and one of their faux furs is called the Narnia Fur, just putting it out there.

And of the 22 jackets on their website, I found one descent beloved photo shoot picture. They've let me down, not going to lie.

In other chain store addictions; I've been on the Dotti website. It's v. cute. I go past this billboard every day on my way home, and sigh at it cute-ness

Ok, so this isn't the ACTUAL advertisement, I had to print screen it from the website.

This though, this is the new Lancome perfume advertisement. Which, they kinda really don't want you to ever find on the internet.
This is the picture I risked my life taking a photo of that's blu-taced on my wall. Sorry it's on a funny angle. I really am.

But you can see my point yes? Yes?! It is the most glamourous, sassy and well, sexy ad I've ever seen. *lie*.
But I love. I truly really do.

Ok, well that's us up to date.
By the way, Leticia and I have been talking; stay tuned kidlings, there's much to look forward to. Nothing I can spoil, but if all goes to plan, you won't have to wait long.
Love, love love.
Bella Marigold.

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