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Friday, May 21, 2010

Autumn - Stop! It's Blog Friday Time.

Welcome to another Blog Friday!
Featuring my mother. Check out her blog.

The Sartorialist

I want the girl on the lefts attitude.

At Grease, we have to wear clothes we can dance in. And, I don't know.... look good...
This guys, this is how you do it.
Scott also discussed about how he doesn't feel the need to post everyday.
"I tried to explain that the human element of the this blog, I'm not a big corporate magazine, is always the at the core of each post. If I have a lot of images to post I will, but if I don't have an image I won't post something just to keep an audience happy."

I'm going to feel a little pride in saying I totally get it. Yeah, Tish and I have something in common with the Sartorialist, what evs.

Style Rookie

"You see, these kinds of special books that I can't take to read in class call for Special Reading Time, which is, by definition, when hours are set aside to read special books that I can't take to read in class. So this summer I will take some time to, at the suggestion of Le Tigre, get off the Internet, and just read these giant books and put a "do not disturb" sign outside our treehouse. It'll be very J.D. Salinger, very secluded and mysterious. Then a few hours will pass, and I'll be like "IS #RTifYouraBelieber STILL TRENDING ON TWITTER OR HAS #UknowUrAddicted2JustinBieberWhen MADE IT TO THE TOP YET???/" and log on. Then I'll see that Bret Easton Ellis is still sexist, and more people are working to create a Stop Angelina From Dressing Shiloh Like A Boy Because Then She Will Literally Be A Murderer When She Grows Up foundation, and more triangles are on Tumblr, and I'll be like, "damn, Internet, you're boring, and you also depress me, and how can I be this grossed out at humans when school is not even in?" Then I'll watch Daria on Youtube because I won't have bought the box set yet because I procrastinate, and I'll be like, 'Well, at least you have Daria.'"

I mean do you love her? I love her.

Garance Dore

If Tish remembers correctly, I tried on a pair of similar ones in General Pants. Oh dear could I never be brave enough to wear mini-shorts. Oh boy do I wish I was.

Just letting you in on a little secret. I hate red. Like, with a passion. Mum tells me it's very in this season. I think it's in every season, that doesn't really change my mind. I think it's my dislike of how it looks on me. Red and black, you couldn't catch me dead in them. Never the less, I want to look good in it like this woman.

Face Hunter

I worry about her looking so good on those little legs.

Sea of Shoes

Her identity is revealed!
Is her hair gorgeous, I don't know..., maybe?
Yes it's effing gorgeous! It provokes my inner red-head.

Now, I do apologise for the shortness of this post, (again) My heart has not been in it and I am sorry. But the drama in the lead up to finally clicking 'Publish' has been unimaginable. Dear me. oh poor dear me.
That's right, look whose pulling out the pity card.
It's been a hard week.
But! This is utterly off topic.

Some of you avid followers may have noticed our recent struggle with the header. It's just NOT happening for us at the moment quite frankly. Quite frankly. But all shall be fine. Avid followers will also be aware that with winter approaching, our blog will be changing in layout soon. We're excited here at a spoonful of. Because although we all shine in summer, we all know winter is Melbourne's most dazzling time. Just, argh!

Also, I have the eensiest of exciting news. In October, yours truly shall be heading off to Rome. My purpose is to, as my principal told me; carry my school's spirit at the Canonisation of Australia's first saint, Mary McKillop.
I'm not going to lie though, it'll take a couple of posts to get through all the photos I'll be taking for you all.

That's how much I love you,
and yes, the exciting stuff I promised this week is still to come. You won't miss it when it gets here. Soon...
Loooove you.

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