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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Winter - Vlogs and the excitement of new discoveries

So, I think it is oh so very important to point something out to you - considering we've become the bestest of friends - am not only a blog-lover, but, well lets be honest, so much more, I am a vlog lover. They're my life. I kid you not.

One of my favourites is Tessa ... Something (last names don't matter) also known as Meekakitty. I am tell you this because a) she's aweeesomee and b) she's gorgeous. She's the next prettiest red head after Amy Pond (who we still haven't featured... hmm, getting around to that is something we'll get around to), and Tish, and Ciara and Ruby - gosh it's hard having red-head friends- Not the point, she's gorgeous. Like most other youtubians, she has a mass of cuute t-shirts. Follow her on Twitter and Youtube (of course...) I was going to take a whole heap of screenshots of her. But hey! Laziness becomes me. Besides, I'm supposed to be doing homework. And eating dinner. Feel special God dammit!

Ellie Cadler (or shouldveleftalready) is a cutie.
On her twitter she has been doing decade fashion booths.

This is the 80's one, and possibly one I love the most.... although I hate the eighties.... Hmm.
So she's British and quirky. Check out her videos.

Also I'd like to add Sienna Barton, because I know she likes this blog and has looked gorgeous in a number of the videos on her awesome channel .

Today I caught up with a bunch of friends, and spent last night pre-pondering (pre-pondering.... really?!) about what to wear, because these kids, are a bunch of well dressed girls.
So here I go and embarrass them. (well, two of them, I don't think the other two read this...) (but if they do: oh hi! That was embarrassing...)
Miss Plaxy wore just the cutest red coat (and yes, I still hate red)i have ever seen off Blair Waldorf. Chelsea was wearing a (very warm, she assured us) brown leather jacket. Mara a darling beret. Ruby wore a certain magnificent skirt (now who could have bought her that?) and Romany, who shares my obsession with op-shops wore this amazingly coloured cardigan.

To those girls, thank you for a great day out.

In other news, and in part in apology for missing blog Friday again, go to Garance Dore and the Sartorialist, and of course my beloved Style Rookie and Liebemarlene Vintage. But I would loove to congratulate our bud Bonnie on getting to her 100th post. It's been amazing kiddo, keep it up.

Also, and just quickly before I go, the other day whilst looking for my passport (long story) I came across these.

I cannot get enough of them. I can't text or work my ipod, but that is so unbelievably irrelevant. They're mine** and I'm not letting them out of my wonderful looking clutches.
Ah it feels amazing fulfilling this aspoonfulof journey with you all. It seems just yesterday I was complaining to the world of it's lack of Bella-worthy gloves. Don't you just feel nostalgic? Just me? *cough* Hehe...

So that is all.
Love you, Bella xx (no homo)

**Please note they are only mine according to me. Others, namely my mother seem to disagree. I can't imagine why my stealing of them would make her do so, but some things we're just never supposed to understand.

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