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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winter - Hair

So. I kind of forgot to mention the fact that TODAY I DYED MY HAIR!!!! (semi-permantly) I did it so my mum could go in the draw to win a trip to Paris. Yeah, I know I'm lovely.I've always wanted to dye my hair. Mostly for the fun of it. I was going to do it myself but I think it's better they did it for me. I used to put red washes through my hair. This is better.
I feel I've always been a red head on the inside. So when the woman was showing me all the colours and was all like "how do you feel about a brown-red?"
I stayed composed guys, it was hard, but I did it.
The photos on my webcam so I do apologise it doesn't show. I can assure it's like a work of art.
AAaaaaahahhaha! I loooove it. My fringe is a bit thicker than anticipated, but I actually like it. And I don't like thick fringes. (this blog has made me realise I hate a lot of things. I'm not a negative person am I?)
But what do we think? I love it. In case you missed that...
Yay or nay?

Another ba-rilliant thing that happened to little old me today.
So I'm walking to the hairdressers, and took a wrong turn in my excitement. I ended up walking just behind-ish of this guy, who gave me a funny look, since he had seen me walk past him seconds ago. But that was fine, people give me weird looks all the time (...?)
Then. THEN!! I realised he has my dream effing bag.

I was all ready to follow my own advice and ask him about it and take a photo just before I turned into this lane way I like to take (which may I add is always deserted) So I'm taking out my ipod and in a deep breath when what does the well dressed fool do but turn into my deserted lane way!
Well, I could hardly follow him could I? And before I could utter another word, he's away and glancing back at me with craay-zy eyes. He just walked away, him and his magic bag.
I mean surely it was fate? Fate I just happened to take a wrong turn, and just happened to end up behind this spectacular man. In my defence he already thought I was weird. And he kind of seemed like he was in a hurry.
He was probably off to plant flowers, write a love novel and compose a beautiful symphony, not to be discovered until after his tragic death as a slave to his art. His symphony (composed with only the most exotic of instruments, and harps) will be named the masterpiece of the millennium.
And, most importantly, he'll have that bag.

Ah dear.
Bella xx

PS I apologise for my poor and elaborate story telling

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