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Friday, July 2, 2010

Winter - This post has been a very, very long time coming. Rehearsal Chiiiiic!

Well well well, as has been mentioned before on this blog; both Bella and I are in our schools production of Grease.
Grease is a production with dancing, which therefore entails dance rehearsals.
And boy oh boy, they aren't the kind of dances that you can turn up wearing skinny jeans and ballet flats in a and be fine. Oh no.
This might make you think "oh ew, I hate when I go to the gym, I never know what to wear." Well lets not lie, its no easy job. But I think we have both gotten over the learning curve and we both turn up in outfits that are both cute and practical. Here is an example of one day, a few weekends ago.
I wear a Friends of Couture cardigan (also worn in our winter shoot), a Bonds Grey Sloppy Joe, American Apparel High Waist bike shorts, my white school socks, and fake converse from good ol' Kmart. Bella wears a vintage headscarf from the Lost and Found market, an Op Shop denim jacket, a basic white longsleeve, practical Supre leggings and adorable floral Converse.

We have two massive long rehearsals coming up so I will be sure to bring my camera and take some shots, I have already planned that I want to wear my new Bonds items.
This was a short post, but nice.

Love L xxx

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