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Friday, July 23, 2010

Winter - Blog Friday

What are you talking about?! Us? Slack?!
Pfft! I think you've got the wrong blog.
*insert another apology here*

Ok, but here it is, the latest blog Friday in who knows how long. (gosh, I nearly wrote longs there...)

First, thankyou to Ciara for reminding me to do this. And a shoutout to Eudine who just came back from Hong Kong and brought me a cuuuute headband (!!!!!) and to the lovely Mara who we miss dearly, and better be checking this damn blog. I mean... what? This ain't no damn blog, *ahem* aaand now I've gone hilbilly.
Ok. So here goes it.

The Sartorialist
So. I think I saved just about every picture in Scotty's Jazz-Age Dance Party posts. GOD! I mean.. GOSH!!!!! The jealousy I have for these people. The jealousy!!!

This one goes out to all the cool cats at Grease

I mean jealous she can wear boyfriend pants. (side note: Anybody seen the boyfriend pants in Sportsgirl. You know, those amazing ones? They're totally mine... soon)

And of how this brilliant fellow (who I have a feeling, after the mention of his name, I should know) being able to wear khaki. AAhhhahah!

And I mean, I guess this girlie pulls it off ok too...

Face Hunter
Ok, see me, right? I loove cardigans. Like, you don't understand. Maybe as much as I love dresses. Yet, YET! I can't find cool ones! What is it with my un-... luck... ness. Just! Shh! I know I don't make sense. So, I'm going to change the topic with this

Garance Dore
Is just living it up ok?!
And she keeps talking about mojito's. I figure they're a cocktail but god! The jealousy.
Again I feel I've already ruined her link with too many words.

Sea of Shoes
I was actually sitting at the haidressers (as the readers grown at the start of another pointless tale) when I was reading some magazine, which featured a whole bunch of bloggers, and her. It was a super exciting time for me. I mean of course, I can't remember any of the other bloggers, but...

DON'T BE SO PICKY!! Geez, had to use my outsidde voice a bit there...
Any way, point is:
She owns these shoes.

Don't ask me how that was the point, it's just where I got to at the end. Gosh, you guys need to back down a whole lot.

Style Rookie
Did I mention she changed her header?
Did I mention its brilliant?
Oh and follow her on twitter, sooo worth it

I'm not going to lie, I didn't read it all, but it looked awesome, and you should.

(the beautiful) Liebemarlene Vintage
has moved. to here. or there (insert upward arrow... back there. You know. Oh, gah!)
And it's awesome. But the teensie writing pisses me offfff!!!
Meanwhile, someone's been polyvoring

In new discoveries:
The Considered Ensemble is a text based fashion blog, if that's what you like. I mean I don't, but you go ahead and have fun.
Blooming Leopold I thiiink I found this through Tami. Maybe. Let me know what you think.
Hipster Musing This one I definatly got through Tami. The genorous dear.
And My Look Book which Tish either announced here or on facebook, anywho, reitteration is cool.

Well, I'm done, eventually you'll start recieving regular posts on the bajillion things I have to tell you all. Especially you.

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