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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winter - This is the start of me making it up to you

So, today. I look, in a very minimalist way, like a nineties kid. I think it was my sub-conscience which dressed me this morning, because I was feeling the nineties. Just a little. Mostly in my head.

But nether the less! It mostly derived from my disappointment in myself after not even thinking of coming as a nineties kid until two days before Presentation Day on Friday. To people who don't go the Presentation, it's our 'come in a crazy costume and get really tired after being hyperactive all day because of the awesomeness' day.
I won't lie, any Doctor Who fans would have appreciated my Weeping Angel costume, but it was in no way reflective of anything I put up here. Unlike Tish, who was stunning (raise your hand if you were surprised) as a 60's - I want to say kid, but she was a - woman.
Wow, that just went really weird. Tishy? I love you.

So yes.
In other news, follow me on Twitter and Dailybooth. I'm pretty new to them both, but I'll try and post photos/pictures of clothes related things when I'm to lazy to blog.
Compromises are cool.

Love you all dearly.

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