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Friday, August 13, 2010

Winter - Emma Watson - and its a bloody freezing winter day, just incase anyone was wondering.

Yesterday, I declared my love for Emma Watson on Facebook, which got me thinking I should do a post about her.

These first two pictures are taken at the Glastonbury Musical Festival, which she recently attended with her fellow Burberry model and boyfriend, George Craig. His band was playing at the festival. I love that Emma had trillllllions of millions of dollars to her name, but when she wants to, she just looks like 'some girl'. Of course she's still gorgeous, which does leave her looking a little extraordinary nonetheless.
This photo was taken at her tour of the Harry Potter theme park, recently opened in Orlando, Florida.

So yeah, while I could have done a post about all of her premiere looks - that while gorgeous, are not practical for the readers of this blog. I thought I'd show more of her still lovely, but more practical achievable looks.

Last but not least the video she shot with her boyfriends band. Her outfit is adorable, and the video is shot in New York. So yeah, thats great too.

Some links related to Emma.
Vogue shows how to get Emma's Glastonbury look
and Teen Vogue shows Emma's fashion timeline.

Bella and I will hopefully be taking photo's of Melbourne's city goers this Monday. So have something to look forward to xxxxxxx LL


  1. i adore this post! haha i love emma watson and her first outfit. and her hair.
    her new hair cut made me really sad :( xx

  2. thanks tiff, i just went on your blog, love it! xxx