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Monday, August 16, 2010

Winter - Days off

Today we spent a day in the city enjoying our mid-term break. We tried to take photos of well dressed people, but Melbourne disappointed us today.
Alas, we had to go and try on millions of outfits and take photos.

"Can you see me? Can you see my outfit?"

The man behind was cuute with his suit and walking stick. And um, note the frog in his briefcase. He may have maybe made up for all the disappointment we felt about Melbourne.

Tish trying on some ridiculously high heels. Which were the same colour as her hair. No biggie.

As if Myer could be better - but apparently, it will be!

Um, possible ballroom dress? Oh how I wish. $200. But on a side-note - The Basement, guys, oh gosh go there for dresses..

We spent a ridiculous amount of time in The Basement. It's brilliant down there. I was telling Tish in the musical I would write about myself, there would be a number to the tune of 'Food Glorious Food', mine: 'Dresses Glorious, Dresses'

And check out who looks good in khaki in this hideous photo.

To all the Greasers out there - we've found a Rydell High cardigan. Again, no effing biggie.

And um, cheerleader much?
Oh, and it's 10 days guys, 10 days.

More coming later,
love Bella and Leticia
P.S Joint post, yay!

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