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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winter - and coldness ensues

I actually have those under whelming photos to show you, but that would involve me getting up, so sorry, still not today.

Instead I googled fashion. Here's what I found:

fashion net - the insiders guide to all things chic. With a rhyming ad and everything!! It's exciting whilst being utter rubbish.
I don't know, I shouldn't make judgements. But from first glance, looks like an embarrassment to the first thing that comes up under fashion. It's like: 'really? really google?' and then I tut.
The second was to FASHION magazine which wants to tell you how to 'get sporty', about 'safety first' and their 'September most wanted beauty'... whatever that means.
The third was to the ever trusty Wikipedia, where you can get a much quicker definition of what we spend so much time trying to capture.

Images was slightly more ... interesting.

Were the first three.

Today I am also having an Elvis day. Which equals his inclusion in this post. (I searched 'elvis fashion' for this one)

This is is so totally my favourite.

Also, I had another thing I wanted to work in to here. I guess we'll never know. Unless I remember and make a post about it.

Un. Likely.

Hopefully some more fashion-full posts from me will come your way soon. It'd make a nice change from zero content or apologies.

Bella xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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