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Monday, August 9, 2010

Winter - Fashion in France

So, this - like most things on this blog lately - has been a long time in the running (which reminds me, I am in debt of a couple of Blog Fridays......)
Anyway, awhile ago I was weird and told Ms. Tali Zevi that I wanted to feature some of her photos from France here. Because they're stunning.

Um. Blazers with shiny... awesome... baubles on the collar? Yeah, I know it's cool, you don't have to explain it to me.

Oh, and to anybody who doesn't know them, I'm going to further embarrass Lilly and Louisa, who look quite the bit stunning in their photos too.

And the piste de resistance:
I mean it looks like something off a fashion magazine.
These photos are old news and much loved withing the Presentation facebook community, and there's no damn wonder! Tali, we are forever in your fashionable debt.

Also. I went to an old friends birthday party the other week - where there were many the gorgeous girl, I'm still looking for photos - and met Marina who is currently partaking in this awesome Miss Shop contest celebrating it's birthday or something. Any who, vote for them like I did if you think they look stunning and deserve to win a $25,000 Myer shopping spree, 2 VIP tickets to a Fashion Festival show and a Flip Mino II HD camcorder. And no, you can't get out of voting just because you're jealous.

Love you, B xx

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