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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring Fashion Shoot! (Finally)

Welcome! Welcome!! Been waiting long? Well for all things spring-y you've come to the right place. Or at least we hope so; it's only taken all day to organise.

Who remembers our disappointment at the sun on the day of the Winter shoot? Well, today - couldn't. have. been. better.

This first photo was an accidental shot, originally it was intended as a test shot to see if the lighting was right for this lil' scene we created. In the end though it was a gooood outfit shot, note Bella's denim jacket - bought for $5 in Port Fairy, it is still very caaa-ute.

The photo above shows two important things;
a) How perfect a location Claudia's house is for a Spring photo shoot, I mean - look at the greenery in the background for Christ's sake!
and b) its a little sneak peak at all of the "behind the scenes of a spoonful of" stuff to come to come. And it will come, we promise. Ahem *winter awkwardness*.

Claudia wears : Country Road cardigan, Sportsgirl scarf, own singlet and another skirt Tish nabbed from Suzanne which she hand-made as a teen.

You should click and enlarge this photo, it will really show you just how small lovely Claudia's eyes are.

Making Claudia sit on these cushions in front of her window was one of the most painful thing we put her through; the entire day. It was all poor Claude could do not to fall forward.

Claudia wears : Savers head scarf, Forever New top and bustier (the pink under the top), Savers shorts (her own)

We all loooooooved this outfit, loved it! Of course, florals are in for Spring (I know, originally thinking). But really, we cannot get enough! The key for spring we think is simplicity, with a splash of amazingness thrown in for good measure.

Claudia wears : Friends of Couture dress, Sportsgirl shorts, belt and sunglasses, her own shoes.

This outfit of Tish's was an indie kid cross hippy, we'd say anyway.

Tish wears : Forever New jeans, Rubi shoes, Claudia's Zara tee, Miss Shop scarf, Bella's op-shop floral shirt and market headband.

Pretty sure that I (Tish) took about one million hours to take this photo, trying to position Bella perfectly between the two benches. Trying is the keyword in that sentence.

Bella wears : Mink Pink dress, Leona Edmiston tights, Rubi shoes, Sportsgirl sunnies and Diva clip.

Again, get ready for some more behind the scenes!

Spring - really is, a time for riding bikes, having picnics, reading books in the park, spending time with friiiiends! All of those things are illustrated in the next two photos.

Claudia wears : Vintage store cropped top, Sportsgirl Vintage boyfriend jeans, Vans, Diva clip and Sportsgirl sunnies. And the bike is from Melbourne Bicycle Centre bike, in case anybody was wondering.

And our Pieste de Resistance! Click to enlarge this photo, pllleeease! Like the three musketeers - in floral dresses that is.

Tish wears : Rubi Red Dress Vintage dress, Rubi shoes.
Claudia wears : General Pants dress, Vans.
Bella wears : Mink Pink dress, Leona Edmiston tights, Rubi shoes.
Camera : Vintage Olympus, bought on auction.

We had the most amazing amazing fun on the shoot today! We hope you enjoy the photo's as much as we enjoyed taking them. A big thanks goes out to Claudia, we used up her whole day, took over her house, but - got some brilliant shots so I think she can forgive us.

We took four hundred and fourteen photos today, and unfortunately we cannot show you all of them. But really - these were the best photos, to show what we here at a spoonful of believe captures our image for spring.

Behind the Scenes is on it's ways.

The biggest hugs and kisses, full of Spring love,

Tish and Bella xxxoxoxooxoxoooxo


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! BRILLIANT xxxxxxx

  2. claud is the perfect model :) she is gorgeous
    i love this post! even though summer is ending for me i already look forwards to spring and the dresses you are wearing make me smile :)