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Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring - Its been a long time!

Let me tell you, that I am in a good mood. Because I just finished my English assignment! We had to make websites for a fictitious band, it was infuriating work. But mine was an indie band called too much, and subtly I was just making fun of indie kids.

I know, you will probably thinking by this point "... Tish, whats wrong with you? This is a spoonful of we don't care about your homework!"

But anyway, I was poking fun at what indie kids wear in some of the song lyrics when I looked down at what I was wearing and thought "oh Gosh Tish, you are in no position to be making fun of indie kids!"

Today I am wearing a black and light blue striped cardigan with gold buttons and black cuffs with a high wasted mini-skirt that is also patterned (and has also been on this blog previously).
So, alas - I was wearing two opposing, slightly clashing patterns which I think is in true indie kid fashion.

Here is a crappy photobooth photo of me, in despair about my 'indie look'.
Also, if you are curious here is the band website.

I look ridiculous, which is funny. Love Tish

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