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Monday, September 20, 2010

Spring - it's been so long.

Well hi. Welcome to day 20 of being in our newest temporary home. Incase you haven't heard, it's also day 1 of having internet in the past 19 days.

So, spring. Welcome. Lucky for us all, with the holidays has also come some more spring-y weather. I've been hot in my jeans. I mean, I always am - but oh dear god am I not going down that path. But - point being - girls! Break out the florals. If spring isn't your time to wear them, I don't know when is.
Yesterday, I was actually dressed incredibly mum-ish, but I forgave myself on account of it being Sunday, recently buying tea, and not really leaving the house save a trip to the park.
I was wearing my floral shirt! I realise I haven't spoken at all about this - but it was of course an op-shop buy, and in all honesty, I felt very Tish in buying it. I usually wear it only when I'm feeling bold. It is quite 'daggy'.
May I also announce that after I just used the word 'daggy' - the costume has taken over. Ah Grease. But lets not get into that.
I'm rambling today.
Now, because I know it has been plagueing your nights with worry, I have great pleasure in declaring that after 20 days of Spring - the date of the Spring Fashion Shoot has been announced for Sunday!!
Our model is none other but past fried-of-the-month; Claudia.

So be excited!
Considering I'm babysitting my dearest sister just about all holidays and now have internet, expect make up posts. And I now have a camera - and an awesome one at that.
Love love love Bella xx

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