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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring - Blog Friday

Face Hunter
Our second favourite fashion blogger has been out and about at about a million (give or take) fashion weeks. And with a ridiculous number of fashion weeks comes a bajillion well dressedians - it's a word -

This reminds me of how much i wish i could wear hot pants. I just don't think I could deal with the uncomfortableness.
I love it how his photos may not be uber fashionable, but they all look gooood

I think The Sartorialist is going a little indie is his end-of-summer ways.

But those yellow socks! Ah! Looove. And please oh please note the girl in the playsuit behind her. Please do.

Garance Dore
is getting all summer-nostalgic as well.

Sea of Shoes
Is so so gorgeous.
Like most people she's feeling the season change inspiration hit. I wish her luck that she finds it to be more fulfilling then most of us. Here's some of her inspiration:

That is how you wear a long skirt. Ah!

And uh - hot trench.
She also includes a ridiculous amount of ninties pictures - check them ouuuut.
And of course, Jane included some of her quirky heels. These are her drogonfly shoes.

This is a 50's party dress. And soooooooo gorgeous. Although I feel a certain inclination towards ball dresses after going into Collette Dinnagan's on Chapel today. Oh dear Lord have I never lusted over glitter so much.

Style Rookie
My dear dear Tavi was in my dream last night. She was dieing. It was shattering. She had some uncurable disease and I'd been visiting her in hospital for the past millions of years, and then we caught the train with all these amazing people from Windsor station on her last day. It was quite tragic.
The best way to tell someone to stop bullying is to be really cool, like, "Hey bro, what's up with that?" Rapping helps to get in touch with the kidz.

Oh and I actually heard about her Kinderwhore Britney story in the mx yesterday. Fashion stalks us.
- god the Style Rookie is sooo time absorbing. I must read everything -

Liebemarlene Vintage
Is cute. But my concern spreads to her also, who is looking forward to winter. She interviewed founder Binbin McNiven of tba (which I've never heard of but which is adorable). She's also been to San Fransico

Oh and to those - and they know who they are - who feel intimidated by our love and admiration of fashion, I apologise for any discomfort you feel. Oh and don't you worry, I know Iwon't be posting any of your photos anytime soon.

This is now Leticia on Bella's behalf, she had been formulating this post for weeeeeks. But now - her internet/laptop and being annoying. So I will post this for her.
Please note, the content is around two weeks old, so go and check all of the blogs yourself!

Hope you enjoy it,
Leticia (whilst on the phone to Bella) xxx

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