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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spring - kjxdhgufbvcb cvbcvb

Don't judge me, thinking up titles is my weakness.

So. I am taking this very small window of opportunity to let you know you have not received top quality Bella posts because as part of my house becoming awesome, I needed to sacrifice my internet.

Any who. I bought a super cute bather-cover/see-through-dress that's very Ann-Margaret a la Viva Las Vegas - which the total stunner decided to put over her shoulder rather than wear for an entire 10 pages of google images results.
She wears a lot of cute things during the movie - this one looks like the mid riff top of another cute red head we know, look through the Spring shoot? Too many to describe without getting completely off topic - just watch the movie, will you!

I would have liked to put a photo up of the gorgeous thing, that is - *gasp* - red!!! but it didn't work out that way. Mostly because it would include getting into my bathers, which with my gorgeous untanned body - I'm putting off for as long as possible.
Oh, AND! it was $8 at South Melbourne Op Shop, and red - did I mention it was red?!
During the same trip may I add, our very extremely dear Ruby Cox bought a tres Blair cape. Don't have a fit - I'll get a photo soon.

So, for what looks to be a while - arrivederci,
though I will try to post before I jet set to Rome next Thursday!!
Can you believe it!
Love you with all my reasonably priced dresses,
Bella xxxxxxxx

PS Been getting my pre-travel shopping done, exhausting but eventually worth it - again, pictures soooon

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