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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spring - Oh my goodness update!

As I was innocently checking my emails, I was subject to, as I usually am, to a mail list update from Sportsgirl.
This is often a joyful, exciting time for me. But! Little did I know

Now, this, luckily for me coincides with a realisation of sorts.
Sportsgirl has gotten too good for it's - or our - own goods. It's popularity means I am constantly afraid of being targeted, as admired as it may be, for being a sportsgirl wearer. I know this because I do it to others. Although I praise them for wearing Sportsgirl clothes - congrats to them - it is extremely sad that I have been so withdrawn into this consumerism that I can point out each item they have bought from this divine store.
Nobody likes being labelled as a this-wearer or a that-wearer. that's partly why we buy our clothes from op-shops isn't it? Strangely I feel it fine to yearn over someone elses designer wear, that's understandable as an item sent down to this person from the Gods - the wealth helps too - but we do not live in an age where $90 dresses are designer clothes. No matter how utterly unbearable your life may seem without them.

My point being, to anyone who has skipped ahead for the punch line, or who - like me - is still a little confused as to where I'm heading with this, I'll make it clear.
Sportsgirl is selling satchels. I am torn. Because yes! finally, (although it has only one buckle, slightly lacks the vintage wear, and is a little too tan for my liking) I have found the perfect satchel.
But it's sold at Sportsgirl, and upon discovering this, shortly after my overwhelming joy, I felt a disappointment. A feeling that buying it would be selling out. I can only think it's due to two reasons:
1. Buying things from Sportsgirl (which, after this post I'm officially abreiviatng to SG) means you'll be instantly recognised as a girl of impeccable - SG - tastes. And it's the recognised bit I have a problem with. I can;t accept a complement to my outfit if it's followed by "oh, and I saw your bag in SG, my [insert relation] has it"
2. It would kind of feel like defeat. After all my searching, and noticing, and sadness over every perfect satchel bag bought from an op-shop, never to be mine, I'll get it from somewhere any average not-quite-fashionista can get it from. I don't think I could wake up every morning and see it hanging on my door and be satisfied that all my hunting and wishing was worth it.

Pretty much.
After my ramble I will now stop abusing your eyes, and get back to studying.
Good day, Bella xx

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