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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spring - Rome numero 2

Ello, I mean buongiorno!
Welcome to more photos of my outfits!!

First of all, a decent one of my day two outfit has been posted! Exciting!! Sorry... I'm overtired.

Now, moving on. On day three I got a bit concerned because my bagf and my dress were slightly different shades of pink, and I kind of have colour OCD, so it made me feel ill. (Christopher Boone?)It really is just the polar opposite. I wanted to show my teachers I was adaptable considering I was becoming known as the fashion obbessed one. One teacher had to convince me to bring jeans to slip on when we went into the churches on one day. She was like "You won't have to wear them for long, so your fashion will be fine...". Little did she know that it wouldn't because it was jeans under a dress, and I was wearing my denim jacket. I mean, please.

This was the day, as anyone who has been on my facebook will know, that we were privledged to walk down the Via dei Condotti. Ok, homework check: who Google Mapped it? Dissapointing girls. Do. It. Now.

Jokes, I'll just show you my amazing photos.

Pretty much.
This post has taken ages.
But more soon my darlings, keep being jealous.
Oh, and if you go to PCW, don't come to assembly on Wednesday, my five-minute-limit speech goes for 7 pages so far.
Love Bella xx

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