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Friday, December 10, 2010


Welcome to the 100th post, bust more importantly; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

Today is the first birthday of a spoonful of - not the first birthday of when posted for the first time, but the birthday of when the blog was conceived.
Now when a woman is pregnant, she is pregnant for nine months - this blog was in the mind womb for 20 days. Then it came into this world, New Years Eve 2009 ready and rearing to go with tips for summer.

Today we went out for coffee and cake to celebrate, and then rode on our beautiful bikes and took chiller photos on the way home.

We loved the idea of having a blog, and we thought that it would be easy to update "like everyday", but really we weren't aware of the huuuuuuuge commitment we were making. But the commitment was all worth it because of you, our readers.
So here is our big birthday thankyou to all of you guys, you are honestly the greatest!

We have decided to make a writing montage (if you will), of all of our favourite trends for the past year.

Floral clothes - this is one of Bella's favourite staple items, and of course it is - floral is adaptable to even the most outrageous of styles, its crazy.

Clogs - Tish: I really really wanted clogs for sooooo long, I admired so many other peoples while being sad that I didn't have my own and then when I finally bought my clog boots it was the best day ever, they go with almost everything I have. Beauty.

Midriff tops - Bella: I'm praaaaaying that they come back in this summer. Pray pray pray!
And the trend that is; Emma Watson.
The amazing little thing, always looking so stunning and so normal.

So normal,
 so stunning,
 so stunning,
so normal.

The final 'fashion' trend of twenty-ten - the collar bone. Love!

Signing off - but we can assure you that there is sooooo much more coming next year.
Love from, Bella and Tish xxxxxxx

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