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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Summer - blue nails

Ah, apologies etc.

So, today, I finished putting together my new wardrobe. It doesn't sound like much but a) never underestimate the amount of energy required to assemble IKEA furniture. and b) I now have room to hang my clothes!!!

So, yes, that's exciting. As far as fashion goes:
I'm wearing blue nail polish. Which is strange for me. It's kind of out of my pink shade spectrum, which is what I wanted, but it's still unsettling.

My Christmas was good. Unlike the forever lucky Tish, I didn't get clothes. My sister Adeline got a Sportsgirl voucher. As did Ruby Cox, but Ruby's was from us, not my parents *ahem* I mean Santa.

I blame the weather as the reason I haven't been able to act on my non-stop dress buying extravaganza. That and Christmas. Damn Christmas makes me broke.

Eventually Tish and I are going to get our arses into gear and get a fittingly cute Summer Shoot your way, but we may have to wait for the weather for that one as well.

Much love as always,
Bella xx

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