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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Summer - Hello there.

Hi. I, am, sorry. I truly am.
BUT - it's the end of the school year, soooooooooooo that means blog time!

We have a few things planned for you crazy kids out there, which will be kickstarting next week :) I'm excited, I mean, lets not lie.

I'm having trouble typing today, how frustrating.

So not much has been going on in my fashion life at the moment, its quite sad to tell the truth.
I think that is why Bella has been holding down the fort of blog posts lately, (Bella by the way, is again lacking internet).
Life is hard, is it not?

Mmm k, keep on point LL.

So, what has been going on issssssss - I have been lusting over Zara.

* I just realised that all of the stuff that I had prepared for this post is on my computer not on the home computer, I'm officially annoyed right now. *

Okay, here I am again. Still thinking about Zara.
So, what I love most about all of the clothes is how simple and enchanting they are.
The only way I can think to describe them is that they (and you) do not have to work hard to look good.

So here are some of my favourites!


And these are the loooooove of my clothing life.
Zara may be a little more money than I would spend usually, but in saying that its not like a pair of socks costs you thirty dollars, or that a shirt like the one above would set you back a hundred or two. There were some expensive items.
But isn't that just like everywhere?

The long wool cardigan is 90-95, the blazer of a lifetime is 100-ish, the shirt is 65 and the over-all's are around 60 dollars.
Are these things expensive? Yes.
But its all relative, I personally would have no issue spending this much money (or even a little bit more) on clothes like these, because they are such classic styles. Utter brilliance.

Now, I have some sad news for you.
Zara neither has an Australian online store, nor a store in Melbourne.
You would have to go all the way to Sydney to get to any of these babies, and lets face it; that would raise the cost of the clothes just a little, you know, just a touch, a tad.

But a girl can dream, right?

AND, here is item number two on the blog agenda!
An apology, it has been too long since we have last posted. I, have been lacking internet also as I have moved into a new house with my mother dear.

So often over the past few days/weeks I have thought/said to myself "God I should post about that!" or "Wow! That would be great for the blog" and so on, and yes; I have forgotten about a fair few of them but it is all the thought that counts.

At the moment the main thought on my mind is, Christmas.
It is my favourite holiday ever, it is so great.
But let me tell you something, this year - its better.
I know what some of my fashiony Christmas presents are and I think I can safely say that January is going to be a very well dressed month for me.
And I am soooo looking forward to it.
As glad as I am that January is going to be very fashiony - I kind of want to wear the clothes now!
Who am I kidding... I reeeeeallllly want to wear them now. Really really really.

Numero Three for the post:
I believe this will be post number 98. That means next post will be 99.
And the post after that will be post 100.

(Mental note: say folks more often)

Thats its, for nowwwwwwwww.
(Dun dun dun)
That sounded pretty ominous, I really didn't mean it to.
(I kind of did)

Okay, bye kidlings xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S Zara is worn by the likes of Emma Watson.

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