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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Welcome welcome welcome my darlings!
The season of fun, late nights and care free days has arrived. Enjoy and appreciate it lovies, and get ready for even more floral, sandals, prints, colour, and not having to carry a jacket around with you.
Please also be aware of sweat marks and burning. What? Don't you ever say we don't look out for our girls.

Although it hasn't felt like summer for the past two days - terrential rain much? - today I can feel that spectacularly sticky air outside.
For the next two nights I have birthday parties to go to - I'll try my best to take photos for you dearies, but this blog will only be known at one of them... if that made any sense...
Anywho, I realised in true subconcious Summer style, I am wearing floral dresses to both.

Oh! Oh! Which reminds me! Tonight I am also wearing my two week old knee high socks!! It's so exciting.
But reaching this decision was not one accomplished easily. Oh no. I had to decide between those and my... also two week old, perfect of perfect, 15 dollar op shop bought brown leather mid-calf boots. Not only are they fantastic, and often worn in Nina Proudman fashion.

Aahhh, googling Offspring reminded me of how much I love it.
And how gorgeous Nina's hair was in the promo

And how Eddie Perfect is in it.

Looking less attractive in this photo than I would have liked.

Anywho, I love you oh so much, and go out and enjoy this Summer day before it starts bucketing again would you?
Bella xxxxxx

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