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Friday, January 28, 2011

Summer - Hello my dear blog

You might not remember me, my names Tish- just incase you have forgotten.
Its been a while! But alas, I will not let my dental pain stand in my way any longer!

I love the internet, its been my best friend lately. And on my daily internet sleuthing I have found many many pictures that I love, and I think you will too.
I'm still not decided if I want to go in order of the favourite photo to the least favourite, or save the best till last. So undecided.

The internet.
This is Hailee Steinfeld, she is fifteen. I would say something like, "I wish I'm as well dressed as her when I'm her age." Except I am her age, and I'm extremely jealous of her. I'm not going to lie, I love her and I haven't seen her in anything before, I'm turning into one of those sad girls who obsesses over something that she doesn't really know what is. Thats a sad realisation. 
I'm not that much of a K Stew fan, due to the whole Twilight thing, although I can say that I did like her in The Runaways, but dear God - I know this photo isn't her dressed as herself, in something she hasn't picked out herself. But my oh my, she looks so chic. Her makeup is perfection in my eyes, I will have to keep it in mind next time I have to where some sort of nice make up, dear lord I'm off on a tangent.
Also on another note, I love Vogue. 
 And here, I think that this is my favourite photo. I can only hope that one day I look as good as this. I hope that me and my bestie walk down the street all casual looking like we belong in a magazine.
This photo makes me excited for winter.

Here we go, Summer/Winter rant:

This year I was all excited for Summer, when I never really had been before _ I was all like "wew lets go swimming and get a tan and look all good and have beach hair and not have a car in the world, lets eat lots of salad, ice cream and fruit because its too hot for anything else, lets out rule pants because its too bloody hot for anything other than a dress." But noooooo Melbourne, NOOO, you can't let that happen for me, can you? You can't let me enjoy summer?  I wore a jumper to bed last night. What is this? So now I have given up on the notion of finding my perfect summer wardrobe and wearing it like there is no tomorrow and all I have been doing is internet sleuthing of celebrities and american clothing brands which are of course Northern Hemispherical therefore Winter. Its made me excited.

Rant over.

While Bella has had fabulous photos of her life this Summer, I don't. I'm totes jealous of her.
Here are some older photos still from the Summer that I have been meaning to post on here for years.
Months to be more exact.

We cute.

Actually, here is the most Summery thing I have done all Summer!
And it only happened yesterday, my dear friend Cara Takle returned from five and half months in America and she had made me this bracelet thing that was all woven and stuff, which I am now wearing as an anklet.

And isn't an anklet just the essence of Summer?
And excuse my bad photobooth picture.

I hope that this can excuse slightly my non-postitude.
 Mwahz girlies, mwahz
LL x

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