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Monday, January 10, 2011

Slightly Summer

Summer. A time when you can lie on your bed, read, watch a DVD or complete other tasks that don't require much physical exertion - or moving at all. A time when you drink iced water, and maybe even iced milk. You may venture to the supermarket, but only to restock on Ice Cream, you might visit the beach, but will not go much further. On these expeditions you will find yourself wearing clothes that you could never get away with in any other seasons, midriffs, short dresses and even shorter shorts. Summer. The season for ugly hair. The season where you hair frizzes up so bad and is so Sea Salt incrusted that you end up looking like this guy;
We say all of this, and then we remember, "Oh, we live in Melbourne."
Thats all we can say in explanation of the, um, dreary circumstances, well thats what we've dubbed them anyway. 
And that we hate it too. Four seasons in one day.
If you carry out a conversation with either of us at the moment, its guaranteed that the topic will arise of how we "just aren't tanned yet, and its not good enough".

Bloody Melbourne.

Even though we do love the seasonal theme to this blog, we have to admit that after an extremely squinty Winter shoot and a ridiculously overcast Summer shoot, the theme isn't all that practical. The Spring shoot was a rather swelteringly sweaty day too. But, nevertheless we soldiered on through the rain and shine and we are quite happy with the end product that we have to present to you today.

 To channel the dreary weather we aimed this outfit to capture the stormy side of Summer - even though this is Summer and its supposed to be the season for wearing bright colours, we've also encouraged the wearing of bright colours in Winter also, so why not also encourage the opposite? Muted colours in Summer? Why not? In this photo Tish wears a sheer burgundy American Apparel shirt that was recently bought, simple black skirt from Supre (yes thats right) and Rubi boots. Bella wears a simple Just Jeans white T-shirt, with a Yarraville Market lace vest, Ebay shorts and Sporstgirl sandals. Pippa wears fur and a rather stylish collar.

Bella wears a South Melbourne Op Shop jacket, Tish's dress, and Rubi flats.
Tish wears a Cotton On black Maxi skirt, a White Shirt from Duchess Melbourne Central, Betts wedges and Bellas Mum's floral scarf.
We adoor the doors (we can make puns). We think that they had heaps of character, and they were the most gorgeous shade of light blue - which unfortunately didn't come out in the photos.

After we had lunch, the weather had improved so we started to bring out the brighter more typically Summery outfits. Which meant more florals, and usually a bright 'statement' piece. We think we were more excited to take these photos and wear these outfits because these clothes were what Summer is about for us, even if they weren't the best clothes for the day.

Finally, a photo of the playsuit. I have spoken about this playsuit many a'time on this blog, but finally, finnnnnnnaaaaaallly a picture. Its been long awaited I know.

Bella wearing a Savers dress, which you can't tell, buts long! Also take special note about the wonderfulness that is Bella's hair - plaited, braided, bunned. In typical a spoonful of fashion (haha, fashion) this photo was not planned, it was taken when we were standing around chatting.

In these two lovely photos Bella wears the cutest ever Valley Girl dress with her Sportsgirl hat and Tish wears  Bella's basic white Just Jeans T-Shirt and green Supre (thats right, again) shorts with a Sportsgirl bib necklace that is quite frankly, barely visible.

We love love loved these outfits. Tish wears a red Topshop singlet, with a floral shirt underneath, Revival denim shorts, and Rubi shoes, ooh and a Sportsgirl hat!

Bella wears a Just Jeans denim vest, Dotti white singlet, Op Shop Maxi skirt (originally from Jay Jays) and Rubi boots. These photos take the cake for Bella's Best Background Bestowal, although it was quite lethal and a little bit painful. Bruise.

Also taken today was our header, which we are extremely happy with. We think it captures our laid back, cute, old fashioned but still modern approach to clothes. It took quite a long time getting the right angle and waiting for the wind to calm down - but good things take time, no?

We hope you have enjoyed it,
Over and out,
Love Tishiffer and Bellaroonie xxx

P.S Hagrid; mwah ha ha! (We hit the wall a while back, its been a long day, sorry about our funniness)


  1. v. cute :)

    Tish can you actually play ukelele? I have been thinking of learning...

  2. It's Bella's, but I have to say that I am something of a natural

    Lol jks