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Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer - and the heat has only just began

Sweltering [swel-ter-ing]
suffering oppressive heat
     - baking,
     - broiling,
     - burning
     - sizzling,
     - sultry,
     - roasting

Just to name a few.
I think sultry is my favourite. Don't know why.

Soo. How has week one of '11 treated you?
Mine went like this:
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - bought sandals and flats - my nightmare of being the only person not wearing them has ended! Hoorah! And my previously mentioned dream nail polish, which I will post photos of post-haste.... when I'm not writing this with bed hair and smudged make up, as if my always morning time apparel!
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - Went to see 'Tangled', bought a dress for $20 at Valleygirl (go fast, the may still have 30% off everything!!) found dark. green. gumboots. At Jay Jays. (?!?!) and realised that by the end of the holidays, I will own something khaki
and something in this red/burnt orange colour which I was wrongly called fushia for soo long, and pretty much sums up summer

Friday - Went op-shopping with none other than the fabulous Romany. It was 3,0003,003,00 degrees, but ah well, it didn't stop me from buying a jacket. And Romininski bought a... emerald green-ish dress, which is just the cutest.

I've decided I'm buying another maxi dress. This time I aim for this; well, first off I wanted one of those elasticised busts, but apparently they are forever hopeless at staying up where they belong, so I resort back to my love of the stretched t-shirt/(I hate slashes)singlet style. In either khaki or burnt orange/red (a prize goes to who ever finds it's name!!*) which preferably no patterns.

Also, satchels continue to stalk me, I'm thinking of taking a restraining order out. Well, at least to all those who won't offer information. And to my own. Do they tailor make restraining orders?

Yes. Well. That's sufficient rambling for one day. This post took forever. Must. Have. Coffee.

Enjoy your days and remember sunblock.

Love Bella xxx
PS I'm selling a whole heap of my clothes that I don't fit into or don't have room for, check them out and biidddd. More are coming.
And here's your picture:
Bet this wasn't taken in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

*prize includes one hug and love for forever. If a winner cannot accept a prize in its entirety, then the prize will be forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner. Any and all guarantees and warranties are subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions, and winners agree to look solely to such manufacturers for any such warranty or guarantee claim. Winners will be notified by e-mail within seven 7 days of the random draw. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. No substitution, transfer, or assignment of prizes permitted, except that Covenant reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if the prize is unavailable. Taxes on the prizes are solely the responsibility of the winners. Prizes awarded to non-US winners may be reduced by applicable US withholding taxes.

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