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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer - Fashion News

Hello Tish! Boy, I forgot how much I love your posts.

So. (is it just me, or doesn't every second paragraph begin with 'so.' with me?!?) In an effort to make regular posts easier for moi, I have decided to add Vogue and Hollywood Gossip's (among others) fashion news to my ever expanding range of home page tabs. Because unlike my much-missed Tishiffer, Bellaroonie does not often dabble in the world of fashion and celebrity news, unless I catch TMZ - which I love, everyone should watch TMZ.

But that relationship doesn't look like it'll be starting today.
Today I will be telling the tale of Rachel Hurd-Wood.
Those who will know me well, will know that I discovered her in - of course - her debut role as Wendy Darling in P.J. Hogan's 2003 family flick Peter Pan.

Any who at which point she looked like this:

Sadly her other timely (timely?) looks - which I of course still passionately hate due to the fact, let's not forget, that I never get Peter, no matter how many times I watch the movie. Never gets old, never. The point.... being that sadly these stunning looks did not relate over to her fashion sense,

though it was 2003, and she was 13. Yet for the sake of this post, lets keep focusing on her face. Wow, that's not a sentence I use everyday.
When Hurd-Wood was 16, she played Imogen Helhoughton in Perfume: The Story of a Murder, a film I have not seen, but kind of don't plan to because the sound of it is really quite disgusting.

And she's still stunning. Yet, still, a Plain Jane.

God, I hate Plain Janes. As of today I am starting a campaign to abolish Plain Janes. Come on people!
Surprisingly during my research I came across the fact that last year she stared in Tomorrow When the War Began. To those who have seen it; this is 20-year-old Rachel.

And to those (me) who haven't but owned a TV during it's release, she's this one.

You know, this is just proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of Plain Janed-ness. Rachel Hurd-Wood will from now on be the face on Say-No-To-Plain-Janed-ness, or something that has a better acronym...

And I do like her short hair better than Emma Watsons (oooo controversy). Oh, I refuse to look at my beloved until it has grown back.
Speaking of Hermoine, I'm on page 415 Tishy!

Love until Wednesday,
Bella xxxx

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