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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer - I'm going to repeat my Facebook status and say, "I bought pants today."

And they really are the most glorious things, American Apparel, they are the thinnest pants I have ever owned. And I consciously say pants because these are noooot jeans. 
I don't know if this is just me, (though I have the feeling that it isn't) but sometimes when I wear my skinniest of skinny leg jeans and I kneel on the floor, sit with my legs up to my chest, or sometimes even just cross my legs I feel as though my legs are actually going to fall off due to my circulation being cut off from my entire lower body. If you have no clue what I am talking about and just think that I am slightly insane, all I can tell you is that the feeling I am describing - isn't a happy one. 

But these pants, let me tell you. Boy oh boy. The most comfortable pants I have ever worn. When I said to my step-mum Suzanne this afternoon that "like, oh my god they are the most comfortable things in the existence of the human race" 
Her response was, "Yeah... You say that a lot." 
And it dawned on me just how very true that was, the only thing that I could think of to respond was "Well! It just keeps on being true."

Before these pants I had never really been a fan of spending all that much on pants and jeans, I had had too many experiences of buying pants that looked great on in the store, then trying them on again at home and realising that I really needed to take them up, or the zipper gaped, or that they were just a little too low cut and so and so on. 
After today I think that I will have no problem spending a little bit more money on a pair of pants that are gorrrrrgeous. Because, I now realise that it is totally worth it if you are buying something that you can wear to death. 

This was the first pair of skinny pants that I had bought that actually fit great everywhere. Every girl has a problem buying pants - mine personally is that they will fit great on my hips and thighs, be way to loose and way too long, because lets face it - I'm just not as tall as a model. But these, Lord above. The stretch fabric not only doesn't cut off my circulation, but it makes the pants extremely figure hugging (in a good way), they are THE EXACT RIGHT LENGTH annnnnnnnnnnnd they are equally tight on my calves as on my thighs! So exciting.

I'm in love. 
Truly in love.  
Ladies, the message I want to send out is - who needs a boy? No one. You just need good pants. 
The only thing that I was iffy about was the colour, greeeeeen. But let me tell you, that green is one of my favourite colours - party because its beautiful and partly because it looks really good with my hair. I worse them today with just a plain back T-shirt which looked fantastic although slightly Slytheriny, and I cannot wait to wear one of my sheer nude/beige silk tops tucked in to make the pants just a little more chic. So I think the colour dilemma might not be such a dilemma after all. I asked Dad when we were in the store today what he thought of the colour and he liked it/ thought it was cool.

Side bar: Today Dad and I had a long chat about fashion and some of his fashion choices when he was a youngin' in the 80's and 90's. Lets just say he had a mega quiff, wore colourful beaded necklaces and big sunglasses at night, along with sometimes puffy parka's, vegan Doc Martins and velvet smoking jackets. The stories made me laugh a lot while he was telling them, sure, but all I can think about is how great it sounds and how I think I was meant to live in the 80's and dress in all of the craaaaazy clothes! 
Dad, if you are reading this: you will see that I have given your fashion choices a glowing review, so now have I earned the right to see photo's of you in your fashion, um, 'hey day'? Please?

I took this picture, and I am in love with it. I'm not really one to take photo's and be like, "wow I did such a great job I'm so in love with my photography because I'm totally cool and indie and shit."
But this one I'm pretty proud of, it is a photo of my friend Britt's hands holding up a book that she got my friend Greta for Christmas, the book is called Shoes or something simple like that but I can't seem to recall it at the moment. As soon as Greta had opened the present Britt took it off her saying that there was something that she just had to show us - it was this picture. The most expansive, exponential, elegant 'shoe closet' I have ever seen. I'm so jealous of whoever this room belongs too.

It seems that I have written a lot on a whim tonight. (Damn I missed 11:11), so I hope y'all like reading.
Love Tishiffer/Tishany

P.S I can't decide what nickname I like better? Tishiffer, like Jennifer. Or Tishany like Brittany.
I think Tishiffer. Tishiffer and Bellaroonie has a better ring, don't cha think?

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