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Friday, February 18, 2011

Shopping in the Summertime

Hello you cute little readers who are as sweet as candy, 

So summer is almost over, something that I truly could not be more thrilled about
But we haven't had a real summer, so I can't complain a huge amount about.

aspoonfulofers, it is my birthday on Monday, the big 'One Six'! And I had said to Dad and Suzanne that one of the the things that I wanted was a new pair of converse. So tonight we ventured out to Chadstone to make that birthday wish come true. I'm home now and it didn't come true, but not in a bad way.
Instead of getting Converse I got a pair of black Vans that I plan to wear with everything and anything.
I am quite um, shamed, I guess - to say that these are my first pair of Vans. I was a Vans virgin up and till this point, but now it is alllllll good! I can be in the club.
Here is what they look like:
I have always been an admirer of Vans, and I cannot wait to wear these until they fall apart. 

Next on the Friday night posting agenda:
Shopping Centres. Do you love 'em or hate 'em? 
I myself find that I have a love/hate relationship with shopping centres. 
See, I love love love them, because I hate having to take along time to get from one store to another when you are on a shopping mission, but then I think a lot of people have that opinion, which leads shopping centres to be very very busy in general.
But tonight, the shopping centre was wonderful.
We got there a bit after 7, and left at 9 when it closed. Which got me thinking, its Friday night? Right? 
Friday night = late night shopping.
Late night shopping... Late night shopping. WHY DOES LATE NIGHT SHOPPING FINISH AT NINE O'CLOCK?
Which got me saying, that "When I grow up and own a shopping centre, it will be open from 9 till 9 everyday, EXCEPT for when its late night shopping and hours will be 9 till 11!
Yeeeeeeeeah! This is me at Chadstone by the by, wearing my greeeeeeeeeen pants!

And that would be my dream.
LL x 

P.S Bells, I saw a trench coat today, your post got me inspired. It was godly.
P.P.S It turns out that we are having quite busy social lives at the moment, so expect content filled posts to be coming your way!

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